“I just attended the M-Joy Integrative Seminar in San Diego and I have to tell you that I am really excited about learning what Melissa Joy Jonsson has to share, mostly because it is a melding of science and empowerment. I don’t want to call it a technology, but rather, it’s an awareness that I find just really is empowering in my life to bring love, joy, focus, success, and satisfaction. It’s also a way to be of service in the world. When I feel good that sends ripples, and everyone around me feels better when I feel good. Right now is an exciting time because science is speeding forward and textbooks can’t keep up with it. So if anyone out there has curiosity or interest in what’s possible, you’ve got to come to the M-Joy Integrative Seminar; there’s no two ways about it. I’ve saved thousands of dollars in therapy by coming here. I implore you to join us and find out how simple personal development can actually be. I’m glad I came.”   ~Cynthia Fernandes


I just finished the M-Joy Integrative Seminar…It’s been a really profound experience. What it did for me is it brought me home, right in here (my heart).”  ~Kurt Miller


My experience is that I would advise you to run, not walk, to an M-Joy Integrative Seminar.  If you want to find (and have) an experience that will get you back in touch with your own authentic power, then an M-Joy Integrative Seminar is where you need to be. Then what’s going to happen is that you’re going to take all of it back home; you’re going to take it all to your family, and all of your friends, and it’s going to ripple out into your community. If you want to do one single thing in your life that is going to make a difference, do this, and in turn what this seminar is going to give to you is all of the things that you have been looking for all of your life. If you have been wondering about your life purpose, if you have been wondering why you are actually here, the things that you want to do, and how you can make a difference in the world; well it starts with yourself and it starts at the M-Joy Integrative Seminar.”    ~Victoria Brown

“I’ve come to the M-Joy Integrative Seminar and I have so much gratefulness to be here, feeling my heart more…being in that Joy that I wish everybody could be in.”   ~Wayne Worden



“I just finished another M-Joy Integrative Seminar and the reason it is ‘another’ is because they are so awesome. One of my goals, and things that I enjoy and have passion about, and desire in life, is to get to know myself more; to accept myself completely and to help others to do the same. I also like to learn from very authentic teachers, and Melissa Joy Jonsson is absolutely that. I have so much gratitude and appreciation for that. The Fields (and everything that she teaches) have helped me to achieve exactly what my desire was, which was to love and accept myself and to help others to do the same. It’s so much more.”  ~Susan Burks



“I just attended the ‘M-Joy Integrative’ and it’s a life-changer. It’s a life-changer in the sense that Melissa has been able to take so much information (and she can just reach out with words to create an embodying experience) that allows you to actually feel the truth of what’s coming out of her, as opposed to just literally or logically understanding it and not being able to connect to it.

This seminar, more than anything that I have ever experienced, has gotten me to the place where I am able to look at what I’ve created and then to feel the power of what I have created without killing myself for the decisions that I have made. It comes from a place of embodying the heart, where every choice I make I can see the consistency of it and I can see how it’s helped me. It takes the beatings out of life and it makes it feel possible to make choices with awareness and also with a great sense of calmness. I am so grateful. It’s so liberating and none of us should have to feel any differently than that – ever. ~Krista Sassani



“I just finished the ‘M-Joy Integrative’ seminar in San Diego and I just wanted to share with everyone that they should come to the next seminar; read the book, listen to the book, play with the Fields, connect with any one of these 24 fields and get curious and play with them in your life. If you have any obstacle, any question of anything that’s in your life; these Fields will help you navigate and show you a way to practically play in every day life, and it becomes very joyful and easy. I love it! I am so excited – I think everyone should come! That’s all I have to share right now. I hope to see you at another seminar.” ~Michelle Riley