Compartmentalization (also compartmentalize or come-apart-mental-lies). Segregation and delineation of aspects of our awareness, producing a lack of integration, synchronization, harmony, and flow in our life. Compartmentalization of our spiritual journey occurs when anything we consider spiritual is siphoned off from other various facets of our experienced reality.

Any delineation made between spiritual and practical—or between spiritual and physical, mental, emotional, relational, or financial—are somewhat arbitrary. Such delineations become true when we resonate with them as if they were separate categories of consciousness. In a sense, all categories or compartments are memes, most of which have corresponding global morphic fields.

Because spirit is infused in everything, compartmentalizing spirit essentially means segregating that which is the all from itself. Yet, it is not possible to compartmentalize spirit. Spirit is not about anything, as it is everything and nothing. We can only compartmentalize our ideas about spirit. Consciousness as spirit, source, nature, field, love, light, or whatever we want to call it, does not discriminate. Spirit includes everything, including duality with its seemingly discrete polarities. Spirit, consciousness—whatever you call it—just is.

When we cease to compartmentalize, then “come apart the mental lies” we have told ourselves about our limitations versus what is infinitely possible. Spirit has no limits, and neither do we.

~Melissa Joy Jonsson
Little Book of Big Potentials

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