M-Joy Integrative Seattle Feedback September 2017

“This class exceeded my expectations. Deep transformation. New Grids” ~ Alexander B

 “Exciting incites from Melissa. New to me. Life Changing.” ~Marlene H

“The shifts/changes with in a physical pattern- cough-asthma.. I appreciated Melissa’s presence for the weekend during an incredibly hard situation of a hurricane. I feel it showed the power of the Fields.”  ~Gayle S


“I learned the connection between my physical pain and my not knowing what I want to do with my life.” ~Kristin S


“The gift of having Melissa with us no matter what is going on…I learned how to change anything inside me.” ~Rosalia A


“Playing. Bringing greater understanding. New Opening to Possibilities.” ~Becky Z


“This seminar will impact every aspect of my life. Thank you for showing us the way and your loving presence.” ~Vicki B


“Experiencing Melissa at day one and the grid applied in the moment to a seemingly helpless situation for an All iIs Well outcome. I will use this grid in my own situations.” ~George K


“I discovered patterns affecting my relationship with my wife and family. Another tool in my toolbelt. Everything is possible.” ~Greg S

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