Going Barefoot…

“Whom would we be without our titles? When we cease to identify with the labels that often limit us, define us, and occasionally refine us, what remains? Perhaps drop the titles (and even entitlement) and meet the you that is really you, a unique expression of universal consciousness, an individual unlike anyone the world has ever seen before.
There is little comfort in conformity. True fulfillment is found in being individuals, walking as we truly are, recognizing we are not the masks and personas we may assume. We may choose to wear titles like a comfortable pair of shoes, all the while remembering the sheer joy of our bare footprint, our True Authentic Self, and our unique sole signature.”

~Excerpted and adapted from ‘Little Book of Big Potentials’ by Melissa Joy Jonsson. Available Now on Kindle. Print will release in a matter of days.

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