The Art (& Heart) of Limitless Living Author Talk and Book Signing ~ Laguna Hills, CA October 12, 2018

“We are living in a time of incredible change, with a chaotic messiness and uncertainty that can feel scary. There are many divergent forces pushing up against each other within systems that are no longer working.

Whether we look at political, scientific, medical, religious, cultural, or economic structures, there is a breaking down of what isn’t working. At the same time, there is a fusion and blending of parts that does work with other components to create something new.

The artificial boundaries that have historically been drawn to separate mind from matter, spirit from science, and man from technology are softening. Today, many disparate systems are synthesizing. Nothing seems as separate as it did in the past. The boundaries between so-called opposites are beginning to dissolve, and dualities are transforming into an integrated expression of wholeness.”

~The Art of Limitless Living by Melissa Joy Jonsson 


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