Denver, Colorado June ~ M-Joy Integrative Seminar Participant Feedback

Denver M-Joy Seminar June 2-3, 2018
I am consistently blown away by the way Melissa’s body of information and knowledge expands – the new and innovative ways she delivers the material and how I grow exponentially from every event!” -Kim McVicker
I really enjoyed the content and loved the practices. 124 was a massive highlight. I learned that you don’t even have to “understand” the fields for them to work. So grateful for this knowledge and new understanding.” -Kellie Sanderson
The Simplicity. F123.” -Alan Yoder
The highlight was overcoming my fear around being able to do this work. Recognition of patterns as placeholders of power if allowed, and ease in shifting them.” -Kathy Fitzpatrick
The highlight of the seminar was all of it! This seminar probably burst everything wide open.” -Rekha Ohal
This seminar will affect my personal and professional life in every way. I want to be a serial attendee.” -Lee A. Black Zeller
All of it! I felt connected to everyone. I leaned new ways to experience these Fields. I won’t be using this as a modality. I feel like these fields are now moving through my life.” -Denae Hawkins
My reference points are new and expanded. I feel the spiral of how I won’t be the same, and yet more truly myself. Every seminar I map a bigger version of myself in a more loving way.” -Molly Kittle
“Loved the intimacy. I never imagined possible the feeling of the fields. Thank You!” -Sarah Stout

The Presence of the Past and Fluid Boundaries

Wakeup World has just published this M-Joy article, excerpted from M-Joy’s newest book The Art of Limitless Living.

Concrescence….add it to your vocabulary.

“Human nature is to look to past experiences to create future expectations. We think things will be a certain way because they were that way before. The presence of the past creates the future. But concrescence integrates past experiences not as predictions of the future but as references only to catalyze new potentials, new probabilities, new creative expressions. Many existing perspectives and models working together will build concrescence.

Consider that concrescence is already occurring in many paradigms when viewed from a heart-centered, vertical perspective. None of the models are absolutely true, but all of the models are relatively true for the scale they are describing.”