Keepin It Real Interview with M-Joy

Keepin’ It Real.  This show was recorded during the  M-Joy “Hurricane Seminar’ (as students now call it)  taught in Seattle. Although I can feel the tension in my voice as my family was in the Eye of the storm at the time – Naples Florida, the show is worth sharing as there is lots of great info provided.  Please note the focus of the interview is my most recent book The Integrity Effect, which is only available through the end of October. The book will be back on the market with new title (which I love and will reveal soon), new cover, and expanded content, through a traditional publisher in May 2018. 

In-Joy the show.

Light of Integrity

Light of Integrity~

If you proclaim to be a healer or light-worker, please don’t diss on other healers or light-workers to get ahead in your practice, fill workshops, or sell books. 

Refrain from claiming that you see more or know more than most healers on the planet. In truth, no one really knows the experience of anyone else. Thus, you do not definitively know what another sees or knows. All you can accurately claim is your own perspective, based on your own limited experience. 

Insecure clamor will not yield admiration and glamour. Stand in the strength of what you offer without knocking down others. Shine your light without deliberately casting shadows on those who may radiate differently…and your work will grow.  

Move beyond comparison and competition to the heart of compassion. Embody knowing that you are enough. Yes, you are enough. Let your brilliance guide others based upon its own merits. See, know, and trust that the path of integrity will always light the way to recognition of love’s completion.