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Thank you Wake-Up World for publishing this M-Joy article “Empathy and the WE Experience” from my newest book ‘The Integrity Effect’  In-Joy!

“Living from the field of the heart gives us direct access to our innate potential and also provides direct access to our emotional intelligence. Heart-centered awareness does not override emotions. Heart-centered awareness includes emotions and enables us to live fully in integrity as our True Authentic Self.

Consider that some of what you may be feeling at times isn’t even you but comprises the feelings of other people you know. In addition, some of what you may often feel are the emotional/thought fields of the collective WE. None of these emotions are who we are, or who you are. Rather, these emotions are transient experiences we may be having or that may be having us. Indeed, these emotions can send confusing signals, obscuring us from the truth of our core essence as love, often clouding our perceptions and experiences of self, others, and all that we relate to in our lives.

Living as our True Authentic Self in a personal undivided house of consciousness opens us to living cohesively with others in the WE experience. Being able to discern our True Authentic Self, our thoughts and feelings from the thoughts and feelings of others, including the collective, is what empowers us to embody the Integrity Effect in the WE experience.”

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Another M-Joy Book Publishes in German Translation.

To all my German-speaking Friends, Students, and Readers~

I am delighted to announce that my third book ‘Practical Play the Heart-Centered Way’ has officially released today in Deutsch translation! Herzzentriert leben: In Resonanz mit den 24 Bewusstseinsfeldern (Heart-centered Life: In Resonance with 24 Fields of Consciousness)

The Love-sphere has gone global in the written medium. Looking forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming M-Joy Integrative Seminar in Germany May 12-14, 2017.

In-Joy! Link to Order German Edition Below.

To purchase: Herzzentriert leben: In Resonanz mit den 24 Bewusstseinsfeldern

Five Star Reviews Keep Coming In for ‘The Integrity Effect’

What others are saying about ‘The Integrity Effect’~
5.0 out of 5 stars. The struggle is over through The Integrity Effect!
“The Integrity Effect is, for me, experiencing the journey and the destination together from a place of trust in your own guidance and a remembering that you are already complete. How often do we get stuck on the journey to self-love, endlessly seeking the how to’s and frustrated to find yet another ‘lesson’ on what we must change in order to be happy? How tired are you right now just reading that sentence?

This book removes the struggle. In this book I discovered something about my perception of reality that allowed me to finally stop beating myself up. I found ways to embrace myself, my choices, and my life in a cocooning ‘Love Sphere’ while at the same time emerging as a free and ‘perfectly imperfect’ butterfly. A way to navigate with trust in myself and ‘speaking my truth’ that instantly takes away any need for a fight and includes love for others.

Melissa Joy’s writing is clear, intimate and inclusive, like a conversation with a friend who sees your mutual wonderfulness. Melissa shares much of her own personal experiences in this book as well as input from many others who have been using these teachings to practically navigate their own lives as they remember and reveal their joy. This is a book I will revisit like spending time with a cherished friend.”

The Integrity Effect-
Now Available On Amazon. Official Launch April 25th. Access self-love Now.

M-Joy Audio Interview- Tune into You: Extraordinary Living Aligned with the True Callings of the Heart with Melissa Joy.

Tune into You: Extraordinary Living Aligned with the True Callings of the Heart with Melissa Joy, on
Keepin’ it Real with Janean Strong.

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