Trust In Self

Sometimes we learn self-trust through the sting of betrayal. We may trust people who do not trust themselves -so of course they are not trustworthy.

“Trust in the universe” we may be told. Yet, it is not enough to only trust in the universe. We must be able to trust in one another, as a reflection of trust in ourselves. For without trust of self or others, there is no connection, community, or collaboration. Without trust, there is no WE experience, the culmination of that which is completion.

Trust begins from within. Trust self. In trust of self, we form a coherent and congruent relationship to our personal universe in which we ourselves become trustworthy; the value of that connection to self ripples into all that we create, relate to, and encounter in our shared hologram.

When we trust self we are also able to easily discern trustworthiness in others. Choice with discernment is a natural reflection of trusting self. Trust IS connection. Trust IS self-love. Trust in the You-niverse.

The Ricochet Effect

The Ricochet Effect~

It has been my experience that when entangling personal fields with others, if we do not establish boundaries of what we are willing to show up for (supported by Field 110), we experience the ricochet effect.

The ricochet effect is defined as being a consequential out-loop of our willingness to show up to help others, and the result brings forth negative circumstances for ourselves. The support ricochets back and hits us in myriad harmful ways.

I have asked what is the deciding factor as to whether giving others a hand up (not a hand-out) will result in a detrimental impact rippling into our personal perspective reality. In asking this question, an empowering observation has been made, witnessed, and ratified through trial and error.

Primarily, the difference in whether the ricochet effect occurs (or not) is the level of integrity of the person or pattern we are seeking to support. When that person or pattern is in integrity AND genuinely wants to help himself or herself, then the support has a ripple effect that benefits everyone.

Conversely, when out of integrity, when looking to others to do the work for them, or using the scenario as a form of manipulation to run power, then the circumstances ricochet and reverberate incongruently and detrimentally into our own lives and the lives of everyone connected. We become collateral damage.

No More Collateral Damage~

After countless inquiries surrounding I love you AND . . . scenarios, this is a very useful distinction that enables us to maintain the sanctity of our fields without the ricochet effects of others’ incongruent choices. This has been a very liberating delineation in awareness. Field 120 will assist with being able to discern the difference and to support us in not becoming collateral damage.

~Melissa Joy Jonsson, excerpted from ‘Little Book of Big Potentials’

Addiction to Manipulation

Addiction to Manipulation~

An addict pretending to be clean creates more chaos through perpetual manipulation than the open user.

Beware of the ricochets from manipulative addicts’ self-inflicted injuries, and steer clear of being collateral damage. Addiction plus manipulation times denial equals crash course in disaster. The antidote is the Integrity Effect.

Addiction to Drama

Addiction to drama is false power created as a polarized reaction to feeling powerless. Drama drains our power no matter what role we may be playing back and forth, victim or perpetrator alike.

All actors in the drama are directing life force away from the vortex of the heart into the push/pull linear dynamic of surrogate control. Drama is a tug of war with self and that rope will eventually choke any sense of peace, joy and semblance of unity with all parties involved. Nobody wins the drama game. Let go of the struggle. Choose to let go and play from the unified field of the heart…a drama-free zone.

~Melissa Joy

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Projections and Reflections Based on Connections

Everything is…Projections and Reflections Based on Connections~

“We may come to know ourselves through the reflections of others. When these reflections from others are not accurate, we can forget who we truly are. When these reflections are projections of distorted perceptions, we may encode information that does not match our limitless essence.”

-Melissa Joy
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Stop expecting reciprocal friendship from a person immersed in their addictions. This is akin to expecting the addictions to love us back. Sometimes we need to know when to hold our friends accountable, and when to walk away to love them from afar. Love people – not their addictions. Love yourself enough to say No More.

Light of Integrity

Light of Integrity~

If you proclaim to be a healer or light-worker, please don’t diss on other healers or light-workers to get ahead in your practice, fill workshops, or sell books.

Refrain from claiming that you see more or know more than most healers on the planet. In truth, no one really knows the experience of anyone else. Thus, you do not definitively know what another sees or knows. All you can accurately claim is your own perspective, based on your own limited experience.

Insecure clamor will not yield admiration and glamour. Stand in the strength of what you offer without knocking down others. Shine your light without deliberately casting shadows on those who may radiate differently…and your work will grow.

Move beyond comparison and competition to the heart of compassion. Embody knowing that you are enough. Yes, you are enough. Let your brilliance guide others based upon its own merits. See, know, and trust that the path of integrity will always light the way to recognition of love’s completion.