Off With The Lampshades! Be Your Own Light | Wake Up World Publication

Off With The Lampshades! Be Your Own Light by Melissa Joy | Wake Up World Publication 

Field 119 supports resonant awareness, flow, and ease of grace in being your own light. Field 119 supports the brilliance of the light that is limitless love to shine, regardless of what seems to be happening (or not happening) in any given moment, and enables us all to no longer dim our light or keep it hidden so someone (or something) may feel brighter.

Choose to radiate the light and joy that you are as an authentically empowered way of being, despite contrast and projections, shadows, distortions, and limited reflections. Continue to shine your light regardless of what external placeholders in awareness may be projecting in the love hologram. Shine on and be the sine wave for love.

“Off With The Lampshades! Be Your Own Light” Article Published in Wake Up World

Thank you Wake Up World for publishing ‘Off With The Lampshades!’ this week, excerpted from “Little Book of Big Potentials” and the M-Joy Heart Field teachings. Shine On in Your Brilliant Radiance…

No Power Shortage~

“If we turn off our light, we give away our power. Consider this: you are a bright light, and there’s another bright light that does not know it’s a bright light, for it is wearing a lampshade. Under the mask of the lampshade, there are all sorts of manipulative patterns being run to siphon your light, use your signal, or reflect off your shine.

This may be challenging for you. Instead of dealing directly with the manipulative, demeaning behavior that enables the manipulative patterns to run off your signal generator, you might dim your light or wear a darker lampshade so the other light feels brighter. This may feel easier and less threatening than dealing with the challenge.

Off With The Lampshades! Be Your Own Light

How often do we find ourselves dimming our light so someone else (or a structure) can wear his or her silly lampshades and feel more comfortable or artificially brighter? It is not up to us to make them feel comfortable. It is up to us to be comfortable in our brilliant truth and then to ripple that light out so others can see themselves more clearly. Off with the lampshades!

Others are not comfortable manipulating, but they just don’t know any better. They think the lampshades are who they are. We get to teach them, just by being who we are. Be your own bare light amid the lampshades. Be your own light amid contrast.”

New Practical Play Video. PLAY as Friendship ~ Field 118

New Practical Play Video PLAY as Friendship ~

PLAY is Potential Love Awaiting You. This Field supports our ability to PLAY, which brings forth our joy and reestablishes flow. PLAY takes us out of our thoughts and puts us in our hearts. A space of play is a place (play-ce) where anything may happen.

From this space of heart-centered awareness, we have access to everything, including consciousness potential. In a state of play, we may access a multitude of possibilities.

Field 118 is a field of True Authentic Friendship, an expression of love. Pure camaraderie. Congruent connection with others is sustained by our sense of completion within ourselves. This Field fosters bonds with others through the art of play.

This video is week 18 in a series of 24 weekly videos designed to support and enhance our connection to 24 Fields of Flow, Fulfillment, Abundance, and Joy in everyday life. For more information, please visit www.




New Practical Play the Field Flow Way. Field 117 Playing Agelessly.

New Practical Play the Field Flow Way. Field 117 Playing Agelessly- Timeless Living as Eternal Loving. Childlike Wonder at all ages. Leveraging Time as a process for distinctions.

“Media Mediation ~ Field 117 also disconnects us from the grid of consciousness known as media influence that memetically penetrates and confuses our thoughts and perceived experiences around aging. In the media, beauty is only represented in youth, and it is superficially honored. All consumers are buying into it, young and mature alike, so the media continues doing it. Stay young, they say, or else! “Or else What?” I wonder.

Media ads are designed to set standards for us that are deliberately manipulated. The standards are artificially designed to be unattainable, even by the models used in the surreptitious advertising schemes. All advertising campaigns are designed to make us believe that something, or many things, about us are flawed and that the solutions to our flaws are magically found in their products. Buy it now! Ad campaigns subtract from our well-being and keep us camping in pain, self-doubt, and discouraging disappointment.

We get to choose how we respond to what the media is perpetually programming us to believe. If we don’t respond, the programs change. Media madness is a huge morphic field, and I am not saying it is easy to contend with. I am saying it begins with us, and it ends with us. We get to decide what we buy into every moment of every day. Invest in playing agelessly. Just choose.”

Melissa Joy ~ excerpted from “Little Book of Big Potentials”

M-Joy Interview with Dave The Mystic

Catch the replay of this expansive M-Joy Interview With Dave The Mystic!

Please tune into this conversation in consciousness with Melissa Joy recorded on Monday March 7, 7:00 PM PST/8:00 PM MST. This is an inspiring interview with Dave The Mystic worth sharing with others.

The show discussed the best selling book ‘The Little Book of Big Potentials’ and the power of commanding Field Flow from the heart of it All. 

Click for the listening link:

Field 116 Practical Play Video. True Authentic Desires (TAD’s) PLAY-sure.

Field 116 Practical Play Video. True Authentic Desires (TAD’s) PLAY-sure.

True Authentic Desires (TAD)’s are seeds of inherent completion. PLAY attention to True Authentic Desires (TADs). Desires are the language of the heart speaking to us. When we listen, we move into a flow where desires become manifestations and experiences.

This Video is Week 16 in a series of 24 free weekly videos designed to support and enhance our ability to Command Field Flow through heart-centered awareness and resonance with twenty-four Fields of Love-in-Action.