True Authentic Power. Fluid Boundaries. Choice with Discernment.

New Video ~ Practical Play the Field Flow Way. Field 110-True Authentic Power. Fluid Boundaries. Choice with Discernment.

“Yes, we are all One in a unified field. Yes, it is incredibly useful and empowering to also have boundaries. Within boundaries, grace abounds. Within boundaries, we come to know ourselves in relation to . . . everything. Hooray for boundaries!

Consider the beautiful question, How can we stay authentically open in our hearts, and at the same time welcome boundaries?
The answer depends on the circumstances. This is where heart–mind synthesis can be really useful, and Field 110 supports this resonance. This is important, because when we are in the field of the heart, we are more adept at exercising choice with discernment.

Choice with discernment is a facet of boundaries, and what has been particularly helpful for me is to leverage Fluid Boundaries. Fluid Boundaries are boundaries that aren’t predefined in anticipation of situations or experiences.”

~Melissa Joy ‘Little Book of Big Potentials’

This Video is Week 10 in a series of 24 free weekly videos designed to support and enhance our ability to Command Field Flow through heart-centered awareness and resonance with twenty-four Fields of Love-in-Action.

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PLAY as Friendship~

“Field 118 is a field of True Authentic Friendship, an expression of love. Pure camaraderie. Congruent connection with others is sustained by our sense of completion within ourselves. This Field fosters bonds with others through the art of play.

Friendship is the dance of symmetric waves agreeing to share space. Friendship is transparency for the soul and allows for resonant recognitions to be made in reflection. Field 118 supports honesty, integrity, loyalty, and commitment to the well-being of our friends as a direct extension of our loving commitment to ourselves. True Authentic Friendship is sustainable and is based on the phi ratio of love. This ratio of love in relation to our friends is what allows for the symmetry of our souls to remain connected over the duration of varying life circumstances, and perhaps over lifetimes.

Friendship is many things to many people. True Authentic Friendship may be characterized by trust, honesty, loyalty, transparency, spontaneity, timelessness, and True Authentic Communication, which includes a commitment and willingness to show up for the conversation no matter what. Such communication is a reflection of the grace that is love dancing with all possibilities.

True Authentic Friendship is supported through resonance with Field 118. Our friends offer portals into our divine essence. We spin with others so we may come to know ourselves, either through similarity or apparent differences. We honor both. Friendship is an essential element of unity expressing through community with diversity.”

~Melissa Joy, Excerpted from ‘Little Book of Big Potentials’ available in Print and Kindle. Now also available on Audio Book lovingly narrated by author.