Earth as Authenticity ~

Earth as Authenticity~
Consider that Earth is true to self always. Mother Nature is authentic (Earth-entic). Earth knows it is WE who do not see ourselves (and therefore Earth) clearly. When we as individuals clean up our personal ecology and return to a state of coherence from within, seeing self as wholly, completely integrated expressions of infinite One, then what we observe will reflect accordingly. Earth will appear as True Authentic Self manifested in form, and we will simply align in noticing what is already done, present, accountable, and available.

Laws of dynamic balance are at play here. This necessary centering of the fulcrum comes from within us, not around us. Symbiosis with Earth is as much an internal ecology as it is an environmental issue. When we clean up our personal inner-virons and inner villains, the intersecting waves of our translucent external reality will shimmer with clear reflections too.

-Excerpted and Adapted from ‘Little Book of Big Potentials’ by Melissa Joy Jonsson available on Amazon.