Addiction to Manipulation

Addiction to Manipulation~

An addict pretending to be clean creates more chaos through perpetual manipulation than the open user.

Beware of the ricochets from manipulative addicts’ self-inflicted injuries, and steer clear of being collateral damage. Addiction plus manipulation times denial equals crash course in disaster. The antidote is the Integrity Effect.

Command Field Flow ~ Mind Your State

Invitation to PLAY~
Come PLAY in the WE Experience and activate True Authentic Power from the field of the Heart as a catalyst for interactive reality creation. Come PLAY in 24 Fields of Love to create Flow, Fulfillment, Abundance, and Joy as an everyday, every-way experience.

Everything is You in relation to…everything in our shared Love Hologram. Join Melissa Joy and other heart-minded individuals to discover the power of commanding Field Flow so you can choose your resonant experience. Just Choose!

‘M-Joy Integrative’ focuses on commanding the power of the field of the heart and Information Fields that flow into our experience of reality. Experience a complete way of being and relating that enables you to consistently mind your state in a state of love you do not mind at All.

See you for a dynamic WE experience November 14-15, 2015 in San Diego!
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Freedom to Live and Love Now~

If–Then–Never Now Living: Many of us are addicted to If–Then–Never Now Living, a program of contingencies. Our joy, peace, and happiness are incessantly shunted to some moving-target future date based on the parameters of If–Then. Our happiness is contingent upon what may come, not what IS happening.

“If I meet a lover, then I will be happy.” “If I get a promotion, then I will take vacation.” “If I lose 10 pounds, then I will feel good about myself.” “If I just save this much money, then I will feel financially secure.” “If I could only . . . , then . . .” If–Then is an addictive pattern that cycles us away from what is inherently available now.

If–Then living puts all programs of love and joy on pause in the Neverland of our love holograms and connects us to delayed broadcasts that never arrive. If–Then living is not living at all. If–Then living is a pause for because.

We don’t need cause for the joy of being. We do not need reason for peace. And when we find our joy and peace, our happiness will find us too. Get addicted to Now and freedom takes on a whole new meaning in our love hologram.

~ Melissa Joy, excerpted and adapted from ‘Little Book of Big Potentials’ available in the now of mid-July.