Science Is the Scenic Route to Truth

Thank you Wake Up-World for publishing another M-Joy Article this week on Love and Science as the scenic route to truth.
Love, Creation and Morphic Resonance – The Formula for All Matters in The Love Hologram

“If the universe is a hologram, and we too are holographic, how might the universal hologram organize itself? How does this hologram project from quantum potential into the observable reality? And, practically speaking, how do we as holographic reflections of the universe project intentions and desires into creation?”

Being Conscious of Consciousness

Consider the science of consciousness as not being separate from us but rather as a way of describing us in relation to . . . reality. In the same way a photograph of us is not us, but rather depicts us, science attempts to objectively (or subjectively) depict terrains of reality. Science is not reality. Science is a structure to portray reality.

Science of Consciousness offers maps or snapshots to describe reality. Similarly, we as human, conscious beings are far more complex than what is depicted in a photograph. The true nature of reality expands far beyond scientific perspectives or prisms of awareness. The true nature of reality is seemingly limitless, and some scientific models attempt to capture and reflect this vast and boundless notion too.

Perhaps the Science of Consciousness is really about the workability innate to all of reality? From a practical standpoint, workable models in science can support us in our experience of interactive reality creation. We can look to a science of consciousness to point us toward possible truths that enable our inner worlds to match our outer experiences.

In this process, we may want to be more conscious and conscientious about our notions of consciousness, for fixating on any specific idea can limit the very continuum of what we are attempting to be aware of, flow with, notice, and experience.

~Melissa Joy ‘Little Book of Big Potentials

Resonance and Revelations

Science itself has been defined as “the state of knowing: knowledge as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding.” Consider the possibility that much of what has been proven in so-called science may have misunderstanding at its root. A false premise proven true is still false at some level. Perhaps the true–false dichotomy is where science has gone awry? Perhaps true or false in science is more a matter of hidden or revealed? Perhaps true or false is more a function of resonance and revelations?

Our revelations may bring us to a new level of awareness, an understanding not as knowledge but as wisdom. Truth in science based on knowledge is only ever partly true. What is dismissed as false may simply be that which is not yet resonant in awareness, recognized, evident, and/or experienced. What may appear false from one vantage point may indeed be something entirely true from a different angle, perspective, or experience of consciousness.

Excerpted from ‘Little Book of Big Potentials’ by Melissa Joy Jonsson. Book available in Print and Kindle on July 16, 2015. Preorder your Kindle version now!