Vorticular Vernacular: Little Glossary of Big Definitions

Abundance. A state of consciousness. A currency of infinite potential, expressing as flow. Abundance is a state of being or resonant vibration that lacks nothing. Resonate with abundance, and abundance flows into all that you are and all that you do. The essence of abundance is the recognition that all is available.

Acceptance. Allowance for what is, through neutrality, to facilitate change. Letting go of resistance to anything.

Addiction. A placeholder in awareness that represents an attempt to find True Authentic Self (TAS) and simultaneously avoid it. The placeholder that the addiction pattern represents serves as a habituated strategy to avoid recognizing self as an infinitely whole, perfect, and limitless being having an experience of limitation. The pattern as placeholder serves as a habituated strategy to look for fulfillment and acceptance of TAS in something outside of self that is inherently and incessantly empty. In this recognition, there is freedom to recondition awareness and embrace integrity. There is freedom to move from dis-ease to flow in total acceptance, to choose anew. Just choose.

All. Everything in totality. All is impersonal in nature and extends far beyond individual awareness, beyond the fabric of space-time, and beyond anything we may think we know definitively. Universal consciousness is all. In its entirety, it is void of perspective and identity because it includes all vantage points as part of itself. All is Love, and Love is all. (See also Universal consciousness)

Allowance. A state of acceptance that provides for a natural letting go of any negative charge that keeps our perspective on our reality locked into the polarity and duality of what weare attempting to discharge or transcend. In other words, a state of acceptance and allowance releases the unwanted charge against anything. (See also Acceptance)

Association memes. Memes that have been conceptually fused in our awareness. They are a bitlike attitudes, because the presence of one meme triggers a thought or an emotion or another meme.

Biophotons. Light emissions. It has been scientifically proven that every cell in the body emits more than one hundred thousand light impulses or photons per second. These light emissions, found in all living things, have been found to be the driving mechanism behind all biochemical reactions. (53)

Carrier wave. An electromagnetic wave that can be modulated in frequency, amplitude, or phase to transmit speech, music, images, or other signals.

Centrifugal. Apparent force, equal and opposite to the centripetal force, drawing a rotating body away from the center of rotation, caused by the inertia of the body. Movement outward. Left-handed spin.

Centripetal. Component of force acting on a body in curvilinear motion directed toward the center of curvature or axis of rotation. Centripetal force is necessary for an object to move with circular motion. Movement inward. Right-handed spin.

Change. To make or become different. Change is a constant. The nature of change is flow. Change happens naturally when we are no longer resistant to what is and when we are no longer pushing against something or someone in an attempt to create transformation. (See also Transform)

Choice. Our inherent ability to choose where to resonate in our awareness. The power of choice creates the rhythm of our individual and collective realities. Our choices determine our

Choose. The process of aligning awareness with a possibility state to establish resonance so that a possibility becomes a probability that expresses as experience. Just choose.

Choose, notice, let go, allow, trust, choose anew. A method for experiencing change. Choose a pattern that you want to change or manifest. Drop down into the field of the heart and notice the connection to the all that is universal consciousness. Let go and release all attachment to and resistance to change. Let go into neutrality, which is a portal-to-unity (o-port-unity) with the all. Allow the pattern you noticed to exist in your awareness while also noticing the presence of other possibilities. Trust what you notice as you notice what is different, not what is the same. Choose anew where you want to resonate. Choose In- Joy.

Coherence. A unified field of undifferentiated consciousness potential that has not been defined or formed; also used to describe an unbroken connection with universal consciousness. For example, when we are in heart-centered awareness, we are easily able to access a state of coherence with universal consciousness, which may be observed by feelings of joy, connectivity, and synchronicity. Coherence is a reflection of our universal connection as flow. In physics, it is a correlation between the phases of two or more waves so that interference effects may be produced between them. Also, coherence is a correlation between the phases of parts of a single wave.

Coherency, congruency, and integrity in action. I define the coherency of True Authentic Self (TAS) as awareness of an unbroken connection to universal consciousness and limitless potential expressed as flow. Congruency is alignment of awareness of this coherent connection with everything in relation to, or relating to self. Integrity is the expression of coherency and congruency in all intentions and actions.

Collapse of the wave function. Simply stated, scientists were interested in exploring the nature of an electron and wanted to determine whether it was a particle or a wave. When they were in the room observing the electron, it behaved as a particle, which conformed to their expectations. When scientists left the room and videotaped the electron without observing it, the electron behaved like an indiscriminate wave. Scientists concluded that the expectations of the researchers had collapsed the wave function, changing the probable wave states to particle-based fixed forms. They concluded that, indeed, the consciousness of the observer collapses the wave function.

In our personal awareness, the collapse of the wave function means that our observations and expectations actually influence the apparent behavior of reality. This understanding empowers us to play with interactive reality creation. Reality is neither particle nor wave. It is both and neither simultaneously, and as co-creators with universal consciousness, we are influencing how reality shapes itself.

Collective consciousness. The condition of the individual within the whole of society and how any given individual comes to view himself or herself as a part of any given group. Specifically, the term has been used by social theorists/psychoanalysts like Durkheim, Althusser, and Jung to explain how an autonomous individual comes to identify with a larger group/structure. Definitively, collective means “formed by a collection of individual persons or things; constituting a collection; gathered into one; taken as a whole; aggregate, collected.” Consciousness is more complex and harder to define in all its implications. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “joint or mutual knowledge; internal knowledge or conviction; knowledge as to which one has the testimony within oneself, esp. of one’s own innocence, guilt, deficiencies,” and as “the state or fact of being mentally conscious or aware of anything.”

By combining the two terms, we can surmise that the phrase collective consciousness implies internal knowledge or a consciousness shared by a plurality of persons. The easiest way to think of collective consciousness, even with its extremely loaded historical content, is to regard it as being an idea or proclivity that we all share.

Compartmentalization (also compartmentalize or come-apart-mental-lies). Segregation and delineation of aspects of our awareness, producing a lack of integration, synchronization, harmony, and flow in our life. Compartmentalization of our spiritual journey occurs when anything we consider spiritual is siphoned off from other various facets of our experienced reality. Any delineation made between spiritual and practical—or between spiritual and physical, mental, emotional, relational, or financial—are somewhat arbitrary. Such delineations become true when we resonate with them as if they were separate categories of consciousness. In a sense, all categories or compartments are memes, most of which have corresponding global morphic fields.

Because spirit is infused in everything, compartmentalizing spirit essentially means segregating that which is the all from itself. Yet, it is not possible to compartmentalize spirit. Spirit is not about anything, as it is everything and nothing. We can only compartmentalize our ideas about spirit. Consciousness as spirit, source, nature, field, love, light, or whatever we want to call it, does not discriminate. Spirit includes everything, including duality with its seemingly discrete polarities. Spirit, consciousness—whatever you call it—just is. When we cease to compartmentalize, then “come apart the mental lies” we have told ourselves about our limitations versus what is infinitely possible. Spirit has no limits, and neither do we.

Compassion and completion. Found within True Authentic Self (TAS), a combined state of being that transcends the perceived need for comparison and competition with others. When we show ourselves compassion, and honor the completion that is inherently within us all, then we are no longer driven to project our sense of lack onto others; we no longer compare and compete to feel worthy. In this recognition of our TAS, we end the self- betrayal and befriend the world.

Compassionate empathy. Entraining our resonant vibration to source, which expresses through us as love and coherent light, and then aligning awareness to another’s resonance. When the other is experiencing misery and we are embodying and radiating joy, then the joy that we are reverberates and influences their state.

Congruence. Alignment of the awareness of our coherent connection with everything that relates to self.

Consciousness. Per Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “the quality or state of being aware, especially of something within oneself; the state or fact of being conscious of an external object, state, or fact.” Therefore, that which is conscious has perspective when observing what it perceives. As defined by M-Joy, consciousness includes everything and excludes nothing. It does not stem from the universe, but instead, it is understood here that the universe stems from consciousness. Consciousness is all. (See also Universal consciousness)

Consciousness potential. As defined by M-Joy for interactive reality creation, consciousness potential is no-thing because it has not yet expressed itself as something. Consciousness potential is universal consciousness before consciousness creates, actualizes, and/or experiences. Consciousness potential is void of distinctions or boundaries, and therefore, it also has no limitations. Undifferentiated consciousness potential is limitless, formless, weightless, timeless, without space, without thought, and totally free. Consciousness potential is unconditional love before love expresses through conditions.

Constructs. Configurations of information contained or held in a specific form. Examples of constructs of consciousness include, but are not limited to, ideas, opinions, and beliefs.

Containers. Constructs of information that gives shape and form to an experience. Examples of containers are morphic fields, memes, masks, and personas.

Contrast. A calibration through which light, as awareness, notices its own movement. Through this awareness, light grows into more light, shining bright for the benefit of all. We can learn the most about our own light, vibration, and potential through contrast. Contrast allows for the cultivation of awareness between two states: the inertia and stagnation of perceived darkness (light distanced from itself) and the momentum and expansion of light as love. As we perceive the contrast, light is actually able to launch its momentum further.

In other words, the more light we shine into the shadows or darkness we perceive, the less the shadows or darkness affect us. By perceiving the contrast, we gain awareness and awaken to our True Authentic Self and to the TAS of others, too. Remember, shadows and darkness are light distanced in awareness from itself. Shining light offers a form of remembering and a beacon for self and others to return to the light as the love we truly are. Contrast can serve as leverage, not as a hindrance. Contrast can propel curiosity, creativity, and conscious awareness, and thus it serves as a springboard for change.

Current configuration of conscious expression. Current reality constructs; our current state of being; our experience of ourselves as we presently perceive the way things are. Our configuration can be either rigid, where things do not appear to change, or in flow, where change happens naturally.

Decoherence. A nonunitary process that describes a thermodynamically irreversible disturbance in the state of the environment by the system, in contrast to a distortion of the system by its environment. When a system interacts with its environment, decoherence gives the appearance of wave function collapse, which prevents elements in the quantum superposition of the system and the environment’s wave function from interfering with each other. Decoherence is the expression of distinction, stemming from indistinct coherence.

In interactive reality creation, choice is expressed through decoherence. From a coherent field of undifferentiated potential, our choice decohered from the all and expresses as a single, unfolding reality. (See also Coherence)

Desires. Inner sensations of curiosity that propel us to take action in a certain direction. When listened to, True Authentic Desires (TAD) that well up from the field of the heart spark a creative impulse that leads us to experience the unfolding of our true magnificence. (See also True Authentic Desires)

Disease (dis-ease). A state of being that describes a lack of ease and flow within the interconnected systems of the individual body hologram. In this state of being, symptoms of disease are often clustered together and labeled as a diagnosis. Classified in terms of diagnoses, diseases are engineered morphic fields. (See also Wellness)

Distinction memes. Arbitrary delineations made by labeling and categorizing reality.

Done. At a transformative level, done refers to the state in which the patterns we were entangled with that prevented us from loving unconditionally have been released. Done does not necessarily mean we are done interacting with a pattern altogether. There are many levels of done and each offer us a different prism of awareness. It is done before we have begun and done is never really done in a state of flow. How we choose to engage with our own awareness relative to being done with a pattern is always a matter of choice.

Ego. A powerful tool for expression when it follows as an extension of the heart. Our True Authentic Self (TAS) invites us to accept ego and invites ego to follow as the heart leads us into manifesting the desires that consciousness is continually creating. In all endeavors, our TAS first lives from the heart and then integrates ego as a useful expression of universal consciousness. When we embrace ego as an extension of us, as a placeholder in awareness, ego simply is as a part of our continual unfolding. When we perceive ego as something to destroy or control, then the idea of ego is still seeking to destroy itself. The more we battle ego, the more we are enslaved by the idea of ego. Constructs can constrict us. But, when constructs are integrated, they can liberate us.

Electromagnetic field of the heart. According to research conducted at HeartMath Institute: The heart generates the body’s most powerful and most extensive rhythmic electromagnetic field. Compared to the electromagnetic field produced by the brain, the electrical component of the heart’s field is about 60 times greater in amplitude and permeates every cell in the body. The magnetic component is approximately 5000 times stronger than the brain’s magnetic field and can be detected several feet away from the body using sensitive magnetometers.

Elevator process (E-love-ator). Process for dropping into the field of the heart. Visualize an elevator. See a miniature version of yourself stepping into the elevator and allow the doors to close. Press the Down button. Follow your awareness as the elevator descends out of your head, down through your throat, and even further down into your chest cavity. Allow the elevator doors to open. Notice what you notice when you step out of the elevator into that space of no space and no place.

Empathy. As defined by Merriam-Webster, “Understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objective manner”; also: the capacity for this.

Encouragement. We can be discouraged or encouraged. Both states require the same amount of bravery; courage to focus on what we do not want as limitation, or courage to open into all that we desire. Do not dis what is possible, for that is discouragement. To be encouraged and to en-courage others is to ride the carrier waves of limitless potential in a sea of love. Choose to ride the love waves. Choose to be encouraged. Choose encouragement.

Energy. We do not know what energy is. We know what energy does. Energy is defined in the dictionary as the ability or capacity to do work.

Entropy. Moving from organization to disorganization or from order to disorder.

Ether (also Aether). A kind of superconductive fluid that flows right through all physical objects. The ether vacuum is an extremely dense, nonetheless frictionless, medium.

Explanation. A set of statements that make something clear or easy to understand. Also, the act or process of telling, showing, or being the reason for or cause of something.

Any explanation uses language to articulate something that language cannot adequately explain. Explanations are simply bridges for our individual awareness to comprehend something that transcends explanation. Words as carrier waves convey what we perceive might be happening, not what is actually happening. We can never know with absolute certainty what is actually happening. The moment we decide that we know with certainty what is happening, we actually limit what we can access. Remember, concepts and explanations serve as maps to describe the territory of consciousness, but they are not the territory itself.

Exponents of grace. When coupled with components of grace, a component of the field of the heart can be amplified or multiplied. This component of the heart field can be expressed as a mathematical equation for accessing personal power wherein the Heart Field × Grace = Exponential Personal Power also known as: (HF × G = EPP).

As with any mathematical equation, the components of grace can extend in multiple directions. Any component of personal power, when divided by grace, can summate and consummate the various functions of the field of the heart. They are interrelated, interconnected, interdependent, symbiotic, synergistic, synchronistic, tessared, and torsioned.

FanTAStic. The experience of discovering, embodying and experiencing True Authentic Self (TAS). This experience is also noticed in True Authentic Relating (TAR) and when manifesting True Authentic Desires (TAD). Experiencing fanTAStic is not fantasy. It is a joyful new reality of you in relation to . . . everything!

Fear. Love in a confused state.

Field of the heart. The field of the heart provides us with direct access to our inner voice, our inner wisdom, and our inner chamber of limitless potential. (See Heart field)

Fractal. A self-similar structure that remains the same regardless of the scale to which it is enlarged. The term fractal (from the Latin word fractus, “broken” or “fragmented”) was coined in the 1970s by French-Polish-American mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot. In 1979, Mandelbrot discovered a method of feeding the answer to an equation back into the equation that caused a computer to generate an endless self-repeating pattern. What was most noteworthy about this discovery was in the fractal’s ability to repeat itself endlessly at different scales. The fractal was a geometric pattern that is infinitely self-similar at every scale.

Fractificence. According to M-Joy, the magnificence of our infinitely fractal nature reflected in the universal hologram.

Frequency. An electromagnetic wave; a line of energy that has its own rate of vibration and oscillation. A frequency is a complete cycle of movement including the inward movement (compression) and the outward movement (expansion) of an oscillating wave.

Grace. The expression of the unconditional love that is universal consciousness. Grace is love, dancing with all possibilities equally. Grace is the spinning of the torsion fields that form matter, reality, and experience. Grace is consciousness experiencing itself in the moment as flow. Grace is available to all of us regardless of whom we are, what we know, what we have experienced, or what we feel worthy of receiving. Grace is a freely available currency of potential that reconfigures us in every moment. Grace blankets us unconditionally, as a permeating thread woven into the fabric of love inherent in everything. Grace heals, transforms, transmutes, and transcends all circumstances. Grace is ever present and abundantly available to us all. Grace is the calm-unity in community.

Grace is knowing without knowing how we know. Grace is love. Grace is the space where anything can happen. Grace is the cohesive, invisible container that unites morphic fields with the unified field of consciousness potential.

Gross domestic product. The monetary value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country’s borders in a specific time period, though usually calculated on an annual basis.

Heart-centered awareness. A state that naturally enables us to transcend the perceived limitations of duality, polarity, and contrast. There is nothing to do, and no-thing to compare. Heart-centered awareness taps into a well of limitless information and energetic potential. It embodies the space of all-inclusion and personal power because it evokes the knowledge that there is nothing over which to exert power.

Heart field. A space of no place that provides us with direct access to our inner voice, our inner wisdom, and our inner chamber of limitless potential. Dropping down into the heart field enables us to embody a coherent state of awareness, thus bypassing the segregation and limitations of the mind to access the totality of consciousness before the collapse of the wave function. In the heart field, we go directly to the sea of coherent potential. We tap into consciousness potential by connecting to the most authentic part of us, which knows itself as whole, limitless, timeless, and dimensionless. We leverage coherence within a unified field when we drop into heart-centered awareness. There is no doing from that state of heart-centered being. It is an altered state of consciousness; when embodied, it becomes a vehicle for a new reality based in unity, love, and limitless potential.

The heart field is not the actual physical heart but includes the physical heart because the heart field is all-inclusive. The heart field is shaped like a double or tube- torus, which are also referred to as torsion fields.

Holodeck. In the fictional Star Trek universe, a simulated reality facility located on starships and starbases. In the field of M-Joy, a holodeck is a virtual reality simulation of various possibilities that we can run in our mind’s eye through our love hologram. Each simulation has its own set of features, benefits, probabilities, and potential outcomes. By running a holodeck in our love hologram, we can form useful references and distinctions in our awareness that become available to us for manifestation and decisions. Holodecks also serve as placeholders for past and future reference.

Hologram. A hologram is a three-dimensional image created with photographic projection using a laser. A hologram is produced when a single laser light is split into two separate beams. The first beam is bounced off the object to be photographed. Then the second beam is allowed to collide with the reflected light of the first. Where the two laser beams intersect and create an interference pattern is captured on film. When the film is developed, the picture is indiscernible to the naked eye. It looks like fuzzy overlapping waves or ripples in a pond. However, when the film is illuminated by another laser beam, a three- dimensional image of the original object appears.

The characteristic of a hypothetically perfect hologram is that all of its content is contained in any finite part of itself, albeit at lower resolution. In other words, holograms contain all the information needed to reconstruct a whole image. Contrary to regular photographs, every part of the hologram is an exact reflection of the whole. The hologram has the entire information system for the complete image programmed into every piece of it and contains many dimensions of information in far less space. The whole of the image is in its parts.

Holographic universe. The essence of the holographic paradigm is that there is a more fundamental level of reality beyond what is visible, an invisible reality that is inherently interconnected and perpetually in a state of flux. In a holographic paradigm, nothing is separate. There exists a reciprocal enfolding and unfolding of patterns of information amid the flux, or holomovement. All potential information amid the universe is holographically encoded in the spectrum of wave patterns we may resonate with, connect to, and experience.

Holonomics. The science of integration. Derived from the Greek word holos (global) and nomos (natural laws), the term holonomics refers to the investigation and application of the principles that apply to integrated systems.

Holonomics researches the connective network that unifies all entities under a common model of interaction and exchange. It constitutes an empirical approach for the understanding of living systems, their interaction with the environment, and their continuation in life. The fundamental understanding of holonomics asserts that everything exists in a context of interconnection and meaning. It considers that for every existing system, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” meaning that the whole comprises a pattern of relationships that are not contained in the single parts but ultimately define them.

Impersonal. Not personal, as in void of personal perspective, individuation, or human emotion. Includes all perspectives as an extension of being inherently without perspective. Consciousness potential, like unconditional love, is impersonal.

Individual, Individuality. Our uniqueness. Individual (in-divide-u-all) and individuality (in- divine-duality) refer to our unique experience of ourselves, not as separate and apart from universal consciousness, but as direct extensions of it. We are all unique expressions of universal consciousness, and we all stem from that which includes all identity.

Infinite potential. Unlimited possibilities and expressions; without limits or boundaries.

Information (inform-in-action). Information, as potential, is stored within consciousness containers known as torsion fields. Information resonance establishes a connection to the information, activating its potential, and what is expressed is energy and experience.

Informational field. A morphic field of information as potential. (See also Morphic field)

Integrity. Integrity is authenticity. Nothing to fear. Integrity is not some external standard that is incessantly beyond reach. Integrity is within us, and is not something to earn. Like grace, it is freely available if we choose. Integrity is simply being wholly (who we truly are) without identifying ourselves exclusively through the masks and personas that we may hide behind. Authenticity is not so scary. Many spend their whole lives running from themselves and hiding inherent greatness behind projections. Waking up to being exactly who we are, with total acceptance, can stop the exhausting marathon of avoidance. In the pause, if only for a moment, there is a meeting of the soul as our unique sole signature begins to express in an entirely new and liberated way. It becomes like breathing. Easy. Integrity, as authenticity, brings forth joy from within. Nothing to do other than to be. Integrate (In-to-great), and express from that natural whole state.

Integrity is also the expression of coherence and congruence in all intentions and actions. Integrity is a presence of heart and mind that responds honestly in the moment to what is with full transparency. We make a powerful choice when we embrace integrity. When we embody integrity, coherence invariably follows, as they are not mutually exclusive. Integrity establishes a coherent field of connection with all that is, allowing for all that we already are to unfold into all that we are meant to become.

Interactive reality creation. The process of actively participating with universal consciousness to create and manifest experiences.

Joy. An ever-present essence that is found through the heart’s inherent connection to universal consciousness. Joy is available to us regardless of our circumstances. Joy is our natural state of being. When we embody a present state of joy consistently, joy shimmers, a brilliant translucence in the intersecting waves of our reality.

Knowingness. Knowing without knowing how we really know; trust as a timeless transformative treasure. Heart-centered awareness is a knowing without knowing how we know. This knowingness expands our awareness from a prison of limited intellect to a prism of intuitive, inherent, and infinite intelligence. Knowing now without knowing how we know; to know, to choose, and to experience from the field of the heart is the presence of knowingness. The inherent ability to access universal consciousness, and infinite potential.

Left brain. The logical part of the brain that compartmentalizes and segregates information. This part of our awareness separates, identifies, and names. The linear, logical part of the brain is a serial processor that can track only a few bits of information at a time. The left brain collapses the wave function; its perception is limited to seeing exactly what it expects to see. (See also Right brain)


Let go into the gap and notice that the gap is no longer there.” When our heart’s desire and its outward manifestation are similar, the gap between them is no longer there. The gap can be a placeholder in our awareness, marking our progress and movement toward desired experience. Awareness of the gap can be a marker for consciousness, showing us that, because we are in perpetual motion, we are never stuck. When we let go into the gap, we create a bridge from our heart’s desire to its manifestation, and then we notice what we notice as we traverse the bridge that spans the two.

Letting go. Also known as surrendering or allowing. Allowing provides for a return to flow. When we allow for change, which is our natural essence, then change becomes an allowance for unlimited potential. Letting go is a liberation of attachments to what is and what seemingly is not. Letting go is an embrace with the all-inclusive; it embraces everything. Inclusion is freedom that has no opposite. It simply is and is not, together, as one. When we allow, embrace, and include everything, we have no need to hang on to anything.

Leverage. A trajectory or marker in our awareness allowing for personal evolution, transformation, or coherence within a unified field so we may witness the unfolding of something different. (See also Wiggle room)

Limiting memes. Patterns of information that may prevent us from accessing our full potential. We can identify these memes and replace them with more useful, more expansive memes. Several categories of memes are universal in nature and either hinder us or help us gain access to our full consciousness potential. Parental, intellectual, emotional, social, relational, and survival memes often limit us. (See also Useful memes)

Love. Love is All. All is Love. Love IS. (See also All)

Manipulation. Twisting love and siphoning it off into a constrictive funnel called agenda. Clear the agenda. Love is free of agenda. Manipulation is a method of using love to suck power. Manipulation creates a power struggle and a drain on our resources.

Maps. Models that explain consciousness. Maps expand our experience of ourselves as limitless beings. Maps are tools for navigating through all the patterns of consciousness.

Mask. A form of projection we habitually wear when relating to others and also to ourselves. Masks are a choice, not a must. Most people, though, are not aware that their masks are not who they are. Masks do not ultimately define us or limit us, unless we let them. Any representation of ourselves that is not who we truly are in our essence is a mask. Some masks are useful personas that help us navigate effectively through experiential reality, especially in relation to others. Masks limit us when we identify with them, that is, when we think the mask is who we are instead of simply a chosen container of consciousness expression we step into that extends from our true self as no-self to that which is the all. When a mask becomes a permanent fixture of our self-projected awareness, we may lose sight of who we truly are. All masks are constructs. Masks by themselves are not inherently good or bad. Some masks are useful, and some are not so useful. Being able to notice our masks while retaining the essence of our True Authentic Self is the difference between experiencing rigidity, limitations, confusion, and dis-ease vs. leveraging masks for greater flexibility, expansion, clarity, and well-being.

Miracle. Any occurrence that is outside the realm of expectation or beyond preconceived notions of what is likely to occur. When we let go of expectations, preconceived notions, and attachment to specific outcomes, then every moment is a miracle unfolding. When we expect the unexpected, the unexpected soon becomes the new normal. Miracles are consciousness potential unfolding through us, as us.

Morphic field. A term coined by biologist Rupert Sheldrake in his Hypothesis of Morphic Resonance. It is a field within and around a morphic unit that organizes its characteristic structure and pattern of activity. Morphic fields underlie the form and behavior of holons, or morphic units, at all levels of complexity. The term morphic field includes morphogenetic, behavioral, social, cultural, and mental fields. Morphic fields are shaped and stabilized by morphic resonance from previous similar morphic units, which were under the influence of fields of the same kind. They consequently contain a kind of cumulative memory and tend to become increasingly habitual. (www.sheldrake.org)

Morphic resonance. As defined by Rupert Sheldrake:
The influence of previous structures of activity on subsequent similarstructures of activity organized by morphic fields. Through morphic resonance, formative causal influences pass through or across both space and time, and these influences are assumed not to fall off with distance in space or time, but they come only from the past. The greater the degree of similarity, the greater the influence of morphic resonance. In general, morphic units closely resemble themselves in the past and are subject to self-resonance from their own past states. (www.sheldrake.org)

Morphic unit. According to Sheldrake:
A unit of form or organization, such as an atom, molecule, crystal, cell, plant, animal, pattern of instinctive behavior, social group, element of culture, ecosystem, planet, planetary system, or galaxy. Morphic units are organized in nested hierarchies of units within units: a crystal, for example, contains molecules, which contain atoms, which contain electrons and nuclei, which contain nuclear particles, which contain quarks. (www.sheldrake.org)

Meme. Richard Brodie, in Virus of the Mind, defines a meme as “a unit of information in a mind whose existence influences events such that more copies of itself get created in other minds.”65 He looks at memes in terms of their “catchiness” and defines the effectiveness of a meme based on how quickly the thought is replicated.

Negentropy (negative entropy). The creation of order.

Neutrality. The state in which there is no charge on the positive or negative polarity. There is also no judgment. What is just is in its entirety. Both sides of the polarity, positive and negative, are included. Neutral resides in the space between positive and negative, and that is where things most readily change. Neutrality is all-inclusive. Neutrality (new-trail of reality) does not mean not caring; it means feeling connected to everything, which means that everything is available. Neutrality creates an opportunity (portal-to-unity) for us to transcend our perceived limitations. Neutrality is an extension of oneness and provides us with the leverage for something to change. When we relate to one another, being neutral is a compassionate form of caring.

Nodal point. A standing wave pattern. Every experience we have ever had is encoded as a nodal point in our personal hologram. According to physicists:

The wave pattern associated with the natural frequencies of an object is characterized by points that appear to be standing still. For this reason, the pattern is often called a “standing wave pattern.” The points in the pattern that are standing still are referred to as nodal points or nodal positions. These positions occur as the result of the destructive interference of incident and reflected waves.

Not knowing. We can access our full potential when we move beyond perspectives of what we think we know. Rigid adherence to ideas and beliefs about anything creates limiting parameters, shrouding us from expanding into the realm of indeterminacy, where all things are possible.

By opening into not knowing, we gain access to everything that extends beyond the inkling of what we know. From an expansive space of not knowing, our awareness moves from a limited perspective into that which is without perspective and limitless. Knowing no-thing provides access to all.

One. All. Love IS. One is universal consciousness, expressing from consciousness potential or unconditional love, which can be represented by zero. One is part of Zero and contains all of Zero, but One is not greater than Zero. From Zero, as no-thing, comes something, and that something is One. Unconditional love (Zero-point field as consciousness potential) that expresses as One may be considered conditional or conditioned by virtue of the parameters it has chosen. The parameters chosen are One. Just One. However, since One is all-inclusive, there are really no boundaries. All-inclusive means infinite inclusion, infinite expansion, infinite possibilities, and infinite expression. Thus, One is still unconditional love.

Pattern. Information contained in a specific configuration, which, through resonance, is expressed as energy and experience. Our experience of reality is a result of our resonance with patterns of information. Labeling a problem as a pattern allows us to move our awareness into neutral territory. Furthermore, it provides us with wiggle room to reconfigure the pattern. Interacting with a pattern, rather than a problem, condition, or disease, also frees that pattern from its morphic and memetic resonance with other similar patterns. (See also Placeholder)

Pebble dropping into a pond. A metaphor to describe our perceived personal reality. The pebble represents our choices. The pond represents universal consciousness. Choosing to drop a pebble into the pond creates a ripple effect that emanates in all directions, reverberating through everything related to your choice. The pebble creates the ripples. In turn, the ripples respond to our pebble. (See also Ripple effect)

Perfectly imperfect. Describes the experience of the True Authentic Self (TAS); the experience of existing peacefully within oneself as a limitless being with perceived limitations. It is totally perfect to be perfectly imperfect. (See also True Authentic Self)

Personal power. A function of grace, personal power is not power over anything or anyone. As defined by M-Joy, personal power is power that comes from direct access to the field of the heart and from the infinite potential that is available when we plug into the grid of universal consciousness potential. A heart-centered connection is not about having power over anyone or anything.

Perspective. A single point of reference.


Physics of heart-centered awareness. Torsion field physics that support action at a distance, remote healing, instantaneous healing, time-travel, levitation, invisibility, and unlimited (free) energy. The physics of torsion fields is an emerging model that seems to explain what has been going on for thousands of years. It is the physics of us. It is the physics of love.

Placebo effect. The measurable, observable, or felt improvement in health or behavior not attributable to a medication or invasive treatment that has been administered. It suggests that one can treat various ailments by using the mind to heal.

Placeholder. A pattern of information in our external reality construct that reflects back to us a piece of ourselves that we have yet to recognize from within. We may perceive placeholder patterns as problems, diseases, relationships, or anything we resonate with that is an aspect of our personal-perspective reality. (See also Pattern)

Play. A state of being that has no agenda but to joyfully engage with the moment and notice what we notice. Play puts us in our hearts and enables us to bypass our linear, logical, analytical brain, which constructs our reality based on what is familiar. Play is the portal to freedom of choice; it offers the ability to respond to our circumstances instead of reacting. PLAY is Potential Love Awaiting You to join in the fun. Choose to play. Just play!

Possibility states. The transient unfoldings of our limitless potential prior to its actualization as experience. Possibility states surround us in every moment.

Practicality. The state of being practical, as applied to the aspects of a situation that involves the actual doing or being experience of something, rather than theories or ideas about it.

Practically perfect. The practice of being and experiencing what already is perfect. Practically perfect does not mean almost perfect or not quite perfect. Practically perfect is the practice of recognizing the inherent perfection in everything.

Practical play. M-Joy approach to everything that is universal consciousness. Everything is practical. Everything is play.

Problem. Defined by Merriam-Webster as “a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome.” This predominantly negative personal perception sees certain matters as being in our way, which limits our options. On a polarity scale, a problem gets a negative charge. The unknown solution for an identified problem would sit on the opposite end of the polarity scale, yielding a corresponding positive charge. Unfortunately, as long as we are attempting to focus on finding a solution for a problem, we are resonating with its polarity, and that is the problem.

Projection. We may come to know ourselves through the reflections of others. When these reflections from others are not accurate, we can forget who we truly are. When these reflections are projections of distorted perceptions, we may encode information that does not match our limitless essence.

Protection. Defense against perceived harm or loss. When we are in a reality subset that says we need protection, we can know that our perception needs protection, too. As long as we believe we need protection, we need protection. The perceived need for protection is a matter of resonant vibration. Where we resonate, so we shall experience. Love needs no protection. Awareness of love is protection. Sometimes love wears a raincoat or camouflage to get through a storm or jungle. Awareness is key. Protection is simply an extension of awareness. If you perceive a need for protection, see yourself inside a clear bubble of unconditional love and invite that bubble to expand to include everything you notice.

Questions. Questions are the answer. The answers are within the questions.
Reality. We can never definitively know what reality is. We can know reality only through how we perceive it. Our lens of awareness provides us with a mechanism for noticing, perceiving, and experiencing something we call reality.

Reality creation. The process of actively participating with universal consciousness to create and manifest experiences.

Relating. A dynamic, ever-evolving essential of relationships. Relating describes us in relation to. Relating is us in relation to universal consciousness and its infinite potential. Relating is us in relation to—everything!

Resonance. Vibration. Resonance is connecting to a specific pattern of information that creates a template for experience. Resonance is synchronizing awareness to a particular configuration of consciousness. Resonance is established through the power of choice. Being aware of different resonant realities through information dissemination is what empowers us to make choices.

Rheomode. Physicist David Bohm proposed a new mode for utilizing language which he called the rheomode, from the Greek rheo- (to flow). His feeling was that language should reflect movement, flow, and continual transformation. He felt that language was far too object oriented or noun based and was causing us to see the world as static images. Therefore he proposed that language should focus on verb-based terms reflecting movement along a continuum rather than on object-oriented, fixed nouns. Bohm felt that a movement of language in flow reflected the deeper underlying order of interrelatedness and interconnectedness of everything in the implicate order.

Right brain. The intuitive part of our brain. The right brain is a parallel processor that is able to track multiple waves of possibilities simultaneously. The right brain can track patterns of information as probabilities before they are actualized. The language of the right brain is symbolic and pattern-oriented. It can track connections that typically are not captured by the segregating, serial processing of the left brain. The right brain appears to be governed by waves of interconnecting grids of possibilities. It is able to follow many waves prior to their becoming droplets of choice in the sand.

When we expand our awareness into a state of playfulness that has no expectation, agenda, or attachment to an outcome, when we expand it beyond what we expect to see and beyond thinking, then we enter into the domain of right brain awareness. By perceiving via the intuitive right brain, we are able to readily uncollapse the wave function into various possibility waves that await our further recognition. (See also Left brain)

Ripple effect. Refers to the inherent connectivity of everything. In the earlier metaphor about dropping a pebble into a pond, the pebble represents your choices. Wherever you drop a choice into the pond of universal consciousness, it creates ever-expanding ripples that spread in all directions, reverberating through everything directly or indirectly related to your choice. The ripple effect also applies to transformation and love. The ripples of universal consciousness respond to your choices. The ripple effect is the holographic placeholder for your interactive reality creation. The ripple effect applies to everything that is related to you. (See also Pebble dropping into a pond)

Search. Awareness expressing through our curiosity, synchronized with infinite potential.

Secondary gain. Motivator, conscious or unconscious. Within strategy memes and association memes, often there are secondary gains with which we resonate either consciously or, more likely, unconsciously. Continuing to run a program or hang onto a pattern may be due to a secondary gain. Remove the secondary gain and the pattern often falls away.

Selfish and Self-is. Loving self is not selfish. Our True Authentic Self (TAS) knows this truth. Rather, we might call it self-is, because the TAS recognizes self as a direct extension of universal consciousness. Moreover, self-care is a potent carrier wave for joy. Appreciating ourselves honors our needs and desires in myriad ways. It amplifies love, and more love becomes available for others. There is nothing selfish in loving self.

Spirituality. Spirituality means something different to everyone. Many define spirituality as the search for something sacred outside the domain of the physical world.

Standing wave pattern. A vibrational pattern created within a medium when the vibrational frequency of the source causes reflected waves from one end of the medium to interfere with incident waves from the source. This interference occurs in such a manner that specific points along the medium appear to be standing still. Because the observed wave pattern is characterized by points that appear to be standing still, the pattern is often called a standing wave pattern. Such patterns are only created within the medium at specific frequencies of vibration. These frequencies are known as harmonic frequencies, or merely harmonics. At any frequency other than a harmonic frequency, the interference of reflected and incident waves leads to a resulting disturbance of the medium that is irregular and nonrepeating.

Strategy memes. Ideas or beliefs that relate to cause and effect. Strategy memes help us navigate from point A to point B. When we take certain steps, we will experience a certain outcome. Strategy memes are extremely useful for organizing consciousness in a predictable way that facilitates accomplishing specific goals.

Sympathy. An affinity between people or things in which they affect each other. An inclination to think or feel like another. Energetically, sympathy is entraining oneself to another’s resonant vibration. Practically speaking, when another is miserable and we sympathize, we are likely to become miserable, too.

Synchronicity. According to Carl Jung, “synchronicity is the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer.” When we are aware of synchronicity, we notice the interconnected patterns in everything and recognize that there is no such thing as coincidence. Meaningful coincidence.

TAS commitment vows. Our most important intimate relationship is the one we have with ourselves. It is you in relation to you, an eternal marriage between your True Authentic Self and your heart. The vows are simple, profound, and meaningful. Commit to love, honor, and listen to yourself through your heart, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, in death you won’t part. Vow to appreciate, encourage, and support yourself when you need it most, and even when you do not need it. Promise to always be honest with yourself and to express your truth as it occurs to you. When you forget any of these promises, remember the premise of forgiveness, as forgiveness is an ever-evolving gift of grace. Find your joy in this marriage with yourself. Be joy. Live joy. In-Joy! Love self first and foremost, and from there, love exponentially. Love is the ripple effect.

Time. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “a nonspatial continuum that is measured in terms of events which succeed one another from past through present to the future.”

Time as torsion. In 1913, Dr. Eli Cartan was the first to demonstrate clearly that, in Einstein’s general theory of relativity, the flow of space and time not only curves but also possesses a spinning or spiraling movement within itself. This is known as torsion. It is generally accepted that the space surrounding Earth, and perhaps the entire galaxy, has what is called right-handed spin. This simply means that energy is influenced to spin clockwise as it travels through a physical vacuum. This torsion research was expanded by the work of Nikolai A. Kozyrev in Russia. Using rotation and vibration in laboratory experiments, systematic research was able to demonstrate that it is torsion fields that influence the flow of time. Torsion. Spin.

Torsion field. The quantum spin of empty space, the large scale coherent effects of the spin of the particles in the virtual sea. Torsion fields appear to be everywhere in the universe and are forms of subtle energy. A torsion field is also known as a spin or field, axion field, spin field, and microelectron field. In the 1920s, Albert Einstein and Elie Cartan did initial work in this area of study, which is now known as the ECT (Einstein–Cartan theory). On a macroscopic level, torsion fields are generated by classical spin or by the angular-momentum density of any spinning object. The spinning of an object sets up polarization in two spatial cones, corresponding to a left torsion field and a right torsion field. At an atomic level, nuclear spin, as well as full atomic movements, may be the source of torsion fields, which would mean that all objects in nature generate their own torsion fields. These fields are not affected by distance; they instantaneously spread out through space; they interact with material objects by exchanging information; and they explain such phenomena as telepathy and photokinesis.

Torsion field physics. An emerging model of science that studies torsion fields. It is also known as scalar physics.

Torus. A unique form of flow in hydrodynamics, a torus allows fluids to spiral inwards and outwards on the same surface of the torus. It is a very stable flow form. If the universe is essentially created from one universal substance, the ether, it must be form that is used to create different and separate things out of this universal substance. The torus is nature’s perfect-flow form for creating in the formless ether a seemingly separate entity that is stable enough to last. Everything is formed through the torus.

The heart field is a torus. The torus is the container through which consciousness expresses itself as matter, form, and experience.

Transcend (trance-end). To rise above or go beyond, overpass, or exceed is the general meaning. According to M-Joy, to transcend means to move beyond a limited construct of consciousness into a new form of information expression, energy, and experience.

Transcending (trance-ending) duality. The experience of recognizing that duality is part of our experience but does not limit our experience. This is also referred to as unity consciousness.

Transform (trance-form). To modify the form or expression of something. Our essence as limitless beings is a constant that does not change. Our experience or expression of that essence is the process of change experienced through transformation.

True Authentic Beauty (TAB). Inner radiance that wells up from the field of the heart and shines throughout the physical body temple. Translucent brilliance of TAS that is a unique expression of universal consciousness and infinite potential. No comparison. Only completion.

True Authentic Desire (TAD). Genuine desires that well up from the field of the heart. True Authentic Desire is a cue from universal consciousness to pay attention, for when allowed to unfold, TAD manifests as magnificence. TADs are feeling states that are not characterized necessarily by emotions or logic. Rather, they are an inner knowing. TAD is a knowing what we know without knowing how we know. TAD can be most readily accessed and expressed when embodying True Authentic Self (TAS) and in True Authentic Relating (TAR).

True Authentic Opinion (TAO). Perspective expressed honestly in the moment. TAO can be most readily accessed and expressed when embodying True Authentic Self (TAS) and in True Authentic Relating (TAR).

True Authentic Power (TAP). Inner strength and truth accessible through the field of the heart and grace. Nothing to power over. Inner dominion.

True Authentic Relating (TAR). The congruent expression of coherency by our True Authentic Self. True Authentic Relating is integrity in action. TAR is clear intent and right relations.

True Authentic Self (TAS). Differs from our authentic self, which embodies limitations. Our TAS embodies limitlessness with limitations. In effect, it says, ‘I know I am consciousness potential and a being without limits, and yet I coexist peacefully with my self-imposed limitations. Daily, in each moment, I am unfolding and letting go of who I was the moment before so that I can embrace more of who I am becoming.’ Our TAS has presence and awareness of divine being, which is unconditional love in the form of coherent light. It also has limiting self-concepts that have been conditioned into personal awareness. These coexist and synthesize without judgment. Our TAS is willing to explore parts of the self that may not match the picture of its limitless being, opening into those parts with the same love and light. Our TAS embraces the full totality of being; it does not hide the yucky stuff from awareness. Our TAS is perfectly imperfect.

Truth. Ultimately, truth is a deeply personal experience. For the purposes of interactive reality creation, truth means understanding our own truth for ourselves in regard to the nature of our own reality as a limitless being.

Two (too!). Everything in relation to . . . Everything is you, as One, in relation to an other. In relation is Two.

Unconditional love. The cohesive force that unifies all, as well as that which creates the fabric of the universe. Unconditional love is not the kind of love that we humans have become accustomed to, with all its parameters, expectations, and limitations. It is not “I love you.” It is Love IS. Expressions of love, no longer unconditioned by virtue of being conditioned into an expression, are powerful, coherent placeholders for our potential return to wholeness and connection with Source as universal consciousness.

Universal consciousness. As defined by M-Joy, universal consciousness is the mechanism for everything, and in fact is everything. Universal consciousness is all. The essence of universal consciousness has been described as spirit, light, love, nature, torsion, and ether. It has also been described as who we are. In other words, we don’t just experience universal consciousness; rather, universal consciousness is, and it experiences itself through us. (See also All)

Unity consciousness. The state in which oneness and duality are perceived as an extension of unity. Duality is part of our experience but does not limit or define our experience. (See also Trance-ending duality)

Useful memes. Patterns of information that assist us in accessing our full potential. Examples of useful memes include but are not limited to

Will to create, Will to accept, Will to love, Will to learn, Will to change, Will to forgive. (See also Limiting memes)

Vibration. Describes the inward movement (compression) of an oscillating EM wave. Also resonance.

Vortex. A little eddy or tornado that draws everything that surrounds it into its powerful current.

Wellness. A natural flow that is expressed through a body of information that serves as a vehicle

for consciousness. Thus, wellness, or well-being, is a conditioned expression of consciousness and love flowing through form from its original unconditional state. Ultimately, well-being is consciousness potential expressing itself as love and light through us. Focusing on well-being without trying to be well or to avoid disease allows our natural state of flow to well up and reverberate from the core of our being. When we let go, we are in flow. Wellness or well-being is a matter of conditioning consciousness. Condition yourself to be free from your conditions. Energetically align awareness to focus upon where you want to be, so that form and function may follow.

Whole. The essence of that which we are. Complete. There is no hole in whole.

Wiggle room. Leverage. Information noticed within a pattern that offers the greatest degree of flexibility to unravel a pattern and create a different configuration. A perceived opening into a different possibility, noticed beyond the current experience. Movement of awareness through a rigid construct to create greater flexibility, expansion and flow. Wiggle room is what we notice, or perceive, when interacting with patterns that have been defined as problems, conditions, or disease. Wiggle room can be identified by asking an open-ended question such as, “If I knew where the wiggle room is within this pattern, so that the pattern could change, what might I notice?”

You. Everything. All. I AM. Love. Universal consciousness and its infinite potential.

Zero. A placeholder with infinite value. For example, the placeholder zero represents unconditional love as consciousness potential. Zero is not nothing, as in without value. Zero is no-thing, whole and all-inclusive of all values or expressions. Zero is perhaps empty space full of potential. As no-thing, zero has no parameters and no perspective. It is a Zero-point field of infinite consciousness potential.

Zero-point energy (aka Zero-point field). Quantum science in the twentieth century revealed the presence of an all-pervasive background sea of quantum energy in the universe. Cambridge University’s Dr. Harold Puthoff was one of the first to measure this energy. He measured it at zero degrees Kelvin, the absolute lowest possible temperature in the universe, which is equal to minus 273 degrees Celsius. According to Newtonian physics, at this temperature all molecular and atomic movement should have ceased that is, no energy should be measured at all!

Instead of finding no energy, as expected, Dr. Puthoff found what he called “a seething cauldron” of energy; henceforth, it was given the name zero-point energy. Puthoff proved that the physical vacuum is not at all devoid of energy and that, instead of being a vacuum, space is actually a plenum.

Princeton University’s John Wheeler and Richard Feynman were the first to value the zero-point energy. They calculated that a cup of zero-point energy is enough to bring all the oceans of the world to the boiling point. Contrary to what we have always believed, matter is not a condensed substance but a diffuse form of energy.

The field of the heart gives us direct access to the Zero-point field. The Zero-point field is also considered consciousness potential.