‘Creating New Heart Prints:

Change Your Blueprints ~ Change Your Life’

Five-Week Webinar Series Recordings


This class was taught Live April 24th to May 22nd.

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Join Melissa Joy for five experiential two-hour webinar modules filled with heart-centered teachings, practical metaphysics and keys to transforming personal and collective blueprints.

Based on the popular and powerful M-Joy teachings, Melissa Joy now brings students new distinctions about blueprints. It is not enough to change your thoughts. If you want complete change, you must change your blueprints too.

Gain proven strategies to create new maps for joy, fulfillment, authenticity, and True Authentic Power. Change the way you create and relate to . . . everything

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 Creating New Heart Prints: Change Your Blueprint ~ Change Your Life.



Module One:  Understanding Energetic Blueprints


Module Two:  Embodying Heart/Soul Purpose Blueprints


Module Three:  Mind Manifestation /Abundance Blueprints


Module Four:  Activating DNA/Healing Blueprints


Module Five: Transforming Collective Blueprints


Watch the recordings anytime, as many times as you choose. Learn at your convenience. 


Student Feedback from this webinar series:

Hello Melissa, May I say that your language skills are beyond measure.  You can pack a paragraph into a sentence without any blah friggin blah going on!  I appreciate that more than you can imagine.  I’ve read all of your books and I’m in the middle of your latest.  Participating in the series while reading the book esp. pages 75-79 has instilled an awareness for me to try to constantly incorporate the exercises in my life.  Can’t wait until the heartist becomes my constant mode of operation. 

What brings me the most joy is that your teachings are so loving.  They express neutrality from all angles in all situations/experiences and facilitate expansion so that all “burdens, programs, beliefs, etc., etc. can be lifted/changed.  It such a refreshing way to “be”.
Rock on! -Julie Windhorst


If you have benefitted from the M-Joy live seminars, this webinar series will complement what you have already learned. If you have never been to a live seminar, now you can experience some of M-Joy’s amazing information in the comfort of your home (even in your pajamas).


This special webinar series counts toward the requirements for the M-Joy™ Authorized Facilitator Certification Program.



Fee for this Five Week 10-Hour Plus Course: $500

Tuition Includes Weekly Detailed Outline, Powerpoint, And Five Module Recordings.



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