M-Joy™ Authorized Facilitator Certification Training 

Program Details

  Apply Here  Please be advised that submitting the Application does not guarantee acceptance into the Program. Your acceptance into the Program will be solely determined by Heart-Field Productions, Inc. Once accepted into the Program, all candidates must read and sign the M-Joy Program Participation and Release of Liability Agreement. This Agreement will be emailed to each candidate accepted into the Program and provides the terms and conditions applicable to the candidate while enrolled in the Program.  


Training Program Fee and Seminar Fee.


  • M-Joy™ Authorized Facilitator Certification Training Program Fee:

$600. $475 due at time of program enrollment (plus the $125 non-refundable application fee) or within one month of attending the M-Joy Authorized Facilitator Certification Training Seminar


  • Attend 2-day M-Joy Authorized Facilitator Certification Training Seminar :

$650 (Early Bird ) Seminar Fee.  Note this Seminar fee is in addition to the Program Fee.

( 2018 Options: October 1-2 Ft. Lauderdale).

Prerequisite: One M-Joy Seminar. See Details Below. 


  • Attend 3 complete M-Joy seminars   (In person  / web combination)


  • Complete 101 hours of practicum

This can be completed through a combination of sessions, seminars and webinars. 60 of the 101 hours of practicum must be documented sessions completed through client interactions (with 10 of the 60 hours working on self) Session log/documentation requirements available once candidates are admitted to the program. Candidates may begin documenting hours once they are accepted into Program.  No more than 40 hours of practice sessions can be completed prior to attending the on-site Facilitator Training Program. This is because the additional facilitator on-site training needs to be reflected in the practicum hours.  

  • Seminar/ webinar attendance as practicum hours:

Candidates may count prior M-Joy seminar and webinar attendance toward practicum hours. Up to 60 hours can be completed by attending additional M-Joy seminars beyond the required 3 core seminars Hours can also be acquired by attending M-Joy live webinars or recordings.

  1. Each additional two-day M-Joy seminar attended in full (beyond the 3 required seminars to certify) counts for 12 practicum hours.
  2. Each additional three-day M-Joy seminar attended in full (beyond the 3 required seminars to certify) counts for 18 practicum hours.
  3. Each M-Joy live webinar attended  (or recording) counts for 1 practicum hour.


  • Four Video Sessions

Details for video production will be provided during training. Phone videos, computer videos and basic video apps are acceptable. If you can take a selfie you can make a video. Content is more important than quality of video production. Heart-Field Productions Inc. will provide a Permission Agreement to Videotape an M-Joy System practice session to each candidate enrolled in the Program.  

  • Ethics/Legal Training

Complete online Ethics/Legal training: separate fee paid directly to Midge Murphy, JD, PhD, LLC as follows: Practice Energy Healing in Integrity – eBook $9.99, print book $24.95 Exam based on the book Practice Energy Healing in Integrity– $125     Application for M-Joy™ Authorized Facilitator- Click Here  _________________________________________________________________________________________


Required Core Curriculum  

M-Joy™ Authorized Facilitator Certification Training (Tier One)


  • M-Joy™ Integrative Seminar (2 day or 3 day format)

This course must be taken at least once.  This course may be taken as many times as you choose to meet basic certification requirements.

  • In addition to completing the M-Joy™ Integrative curriculum, students may complete the 2 additional seminar requirements by completing any of the below classes:
  1. M-Joy™ (Women) 2 day or 3 day curriculum
  2. M-Joy™ Practical Metaphysics for Extraordinary Living (2 day curriculum)
  3. M-Joy™ Field Flow (Distance learning- 6 week webinar class / 5 week webinar class)

  M-Joy™ Seminars can be taken in any order you choose. Students do not need to take the M-Joy™ Integrative seminar first before attending the other classes.   To be eligible to attend the M-Joy™ Facilitator Certification Training, students must have completed at least one M-Joy Seminar in the following categories:

  1. M-Joy Integrative Seminar
  2. M-Joy Women Seminar (2015 or later)
  3. M-Joy Field Flow (at a distance) New six week webinar class available January 2018.

  Required Reading: Little Book of Big Potentials by Melissa Joy Jonsson Practical Play the Heart-Centered Way by Melissa Joy Jonsson. The Art of Limitless Living (April 2018) by Melissa Joy Jonsson. Also: Practice Energy Healing in Integrity: The Joy of Offering Your Gifts Legally and Ethically by Midge Murphy.  

All students must complete the Legal and Ethical Guidelines on-line class  


Maintenance In order to maintain active status as an M-Joy™ Authorized Facilitator, use of the trademark and material, all M-Joy™ Authorized Facilitators will be required to attend one M-Joy™ seminar per year taught by Melissa Joy Jonsson. Attendance may be in-person or via on-line comparable course as continuing education.


Application for M-Joy™ Authorized Facilitator- Click Here   



Refund Policy Please note that participation in this facilitator training program is non-refundable. No refunds are granted for seminars attended, or fees paid  in accordance to this program. No refunds will be granted because a student did not complete the requirements in the twenty-four month time frame. If extenuating circumstances, students may request a time extension to complete requirements.   Heart-Field Productions and Melissa Joy Jonsson reserve the right to determine final certification for all students. Should a student be denied certification due to improper conduct or failure to meet the expected requirements, no refunds will be made.  If a student needs to withdraw from the training program due to extenuating circumstances, a partial refund may be provided at HFP’s discretion, and will be prorated according to the length of time the student has been enrolled.

Application for M-Joy™ Authorized Facilitator- Click Here   

If you have additional questions, after reviewing this information, please email: Info@MJoyHeartField.com