M-Joy™ Authorized Facilitator Certification Program (the “Program”).


Congratulations on your interest in becoming an M-Joy™ Authorized Facilitator!


Program Requirements (Tier One)


Candidates will have the opportunity to gain core competencies and advanced understanding in applying the System of M-Joy holonomic/ holographic Fields (the “M-Joy System”) in one-to-one interactions with self, clients, colleagues, family members, and in larger prevailing paradigms. 


The Program is designed to provide a level of advanced proficiency in the articulation and transmission of the M-Joy System that is not available in the foundational seminar teachings. 


Candidates will have the opportunity to gain expertise, insight, and practical application of the M-Joy System through hands-on (and hands off) instructions intended to directly affect physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational experiences.


The Program is ideal for coaches, teachers, healers, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, bodyworkers (massage therapists, cranial-sacral therapists) , medical doctors, nurses, energy medicine practitioners, light and sound practitioners, domestic engineers, and anyone interested in helping self, others, and collective humanity.


  • Upon completion of all requirements for the Program, candidates will be eligible to market themselves as an M-Joy™ Authorized Facilitator in a professional capacity. M-Joy™ Authorized Facilitators will also be eligible to be featured on the M-Joy website (www.MJoyHeartField.com) for professional referrals.


  • Upon approval by Heart-Field Productions Inc., M-Joy™ Authorized Facilitators (MJAF) will be eligible to conduct free M-Joy™ introductory presentations (the “Introductory Presentation”) to share facets of the M-Joy™ System with groups in order to build awareness of M-Joy™ Fields, cultivate clients, and generate M-Joy™ student interest.


  • All M-Joy™ Authorized Facilitators approved to conduct the Introductory Presentation will be eligible for the M-Joy™ referral program where they will be financially compensated for referring students to the M-Joy™ training programs.


  • Authorization to conduct the Introductory Presentation is not authorization to teach M-Joy™ seminars or present the complete M-Joy™ System of materials. The contents of the Introductory Presentation will be provided by Heart-Field Productions, Inc. as part of Program.


Application for M-Joy™ Authorized Facilitator- Click Here 


Required Components of the Program



Component One

  1. Attend a minimum of three (3)  M-Joy™ seminars  (additional details below)
  2. Attend M-Joy™ Facilitator Training seminar (2 days )
  3. Complete 101 practicum hours (additional details below)
  4. Study the following M-Joy books (print, eBook, or audio):
  • Little Book of Big Potentials
  • Practical Play the Heart-Centered Way
  • The Art of Limitless Living (available April 16, 2018)


Component Two

Complete the online Ethics/Legal Training for the Program.

  • Read Practice Energy Healing in Integrity; the Joy of Offering Your Gifts Legally & Ethically by Midge Murphy, JD, PhD (Energy Medicine) and then take the Exam based on the book.


Component Three

Submit a total of 4 videotaped sessions:  

  • Submit 3 videotaped practice sessions with clients for the sole purpose of evaluating the competency of candidate in the M-Joy™ System.
  • Submit 1 additional video tape delivering the Introductory Presentation.

*If the candidate does not intend to conduct the Introductory Presentation in a formal capacity, the video presentation is still required. Candidates may provide an emphasis of articulating the M-Joy System to individuals to attract potential clients.   Sign the M-Joy™ Authorized Facilitator Agreement upon successfully completing the Program.   

  Candidates have twenty-four (24) months* to complete all Program requirements. Timeframe begins with date of attendance at M-Joy™ Authorized Facilitator Training Seminar.   *Candidates are encouraged to complete training requirements sooner if seminar requirements have already been met.  

Additional Specific Details to become an M-Joy™ Authorized Facilitator –  Click Here

If you have additional questions, after reviewing this information and the Additional Specific Details (link above), please email: Info@MJoyHeartField.com  

Application for M-Joy™ Authorized Facilitator- Click Here 

  Please be advised that submitting the Application does not guarantee acceptance into the Program. Your acceptance into the Program will be solely determined by Heart-Field Productions, Inc. Once accepted into the Program, all candidates must read and sign the M-Joy Program Participation and Release of Liability Agreement. This Agreement will be emailed to each candidate accepted into the Program and provides the terms and conditions applicable to the candidate while enrolled in the Program.