Practical Metaphysics for Extraordinary Living

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Practical Metaphysics for Extraordinary Living


About this M-Joy™ Seminar

Join bestselling author and transformational seminar leader Melissa Joy for an expansive and practical experiential weekend of PLAY, focused on heart centered awareness and the power of choice. Consistently embody the Field of the Heart to experience your True Authentic Self (TAS) and True Authentic Relating (TAR) for extraordinary living. Come as you are and bring your curiosity. Join the conversation about the Heart of it All and Interactive Reality Creation. Come PLAY with M-Joy!   Day One of PLAY:


Everything is You in relation to…You. M-Joy shares her legendary practical teachings on Heart-Centered Awareness, Quantum Physics, Torsion Physics and You. Leverage the physics of transformation from a space of self-love as completion. Change the way you create and relate to yourself through the heart of completion. Spend the day in the Heart of it All and discover how heart-centered awareness can literally change your life. *The content for this event will evolve depending upon the co-creative interests of the participants.

Heart-Centered Awareness~ The field of the heart provides us with direct access to our inner voice, our inner wisdom, and our inner chamber of limitless potential.  Dropping down into the heart field enables us to embody a coherent state of awareness, thus bypassing the segregation and limitations of the mind to access the totality of consciousness before the collapse of the wave function. In the heart field, we go directly to the sea of coherent potential. We tap into consciousness potential by connecting to the most authentic part of us, which knows itself as whole, limitless, timeless, and dimensionless. We leverage coherence within a unified field when we drop into heart-centered awareness. There is no doing from that state of heart-centered being. It is an altered state of consciousness; when embodied, it becomes a vehicle for a new reality based in unity, love, and limitless potential. ~Melissa Joy

Day Two of PLAY:   Reality in the WE experience; You in Relation to…Everything. Do You Create Your Own Reality? Consider that our experience of reality is more than the sole result of individual creative impulses; rather, reality is a function of a complex interplay of interconnected variables. Our individual choices, as well as the choices of others, are inexorably woven together in an interdependent synergy that creates a diverse tapestry of experiences. Our individual experiences are entangled with everyone else’s individual experiences. Reality includes all these experiences. In this second day of PLAY, discover how to reconcile the notion of You Create Your Own Reality with the prevailing paradigms in the collective consciousness. Learn the influence of morphic resonance and how to change up your experience of morphic fields through the power of commanding Field Flow. Deepen and expand your experience of reality by accessing True Authentic Power and Fluid Boundaries through heart-mind synthesis, effectively changing personal and collective realities together. *The content for this event will evolve depending upon the co-creative interests of the participants.

What Is Reality?~ Truly, what is reality? We can never really know definitively what it is. We can only ever know reality through how we perceive it. Our lens of awareness provides us with a mechanism of noticing, perceiving, and experiencing that which we call reality. By opening up our lens of awareness, we can receive and experience more of reality. By modifying how we connect with reality—our vibration, also known as resonance—we can create a tapestry for a completely different experience.” ~Melissa Joy

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