M-Joy Integrative Seminar Participant Feedback

San Francisco, CA (March 18-19, 2017)

This work galvanizes and gels all my experience and knowledge into a cohesive, powerful, and accessible flow of endless possibilities. This information is fresh and relevant every time I attend; so much gentleness, rapid results and grace that can be accessed through the Fields. -Kim O’Neal McVicker

Long-lasting patterns disappeared, like the snap of my fingers. I will integrate these teachings into my daily life…. I can now create the reality I really want.” -Petra Leible

“The science of the system was a highlight. This seminar experience will impact everything.”Mark Emata

“All this validation that ” I Am OK” and to connect to me from a safe place in a safe group. I learned to give myself permission to feel Joy. I will now bring in more love to myself and less judgment of others.” -Helen Shih 

“I like Melissa’s personal stories as they make the Fields more relatable to me. The seminar reminded me to turn my light back up. I will use these Fields in my cranio-sacral practice.”  

“I learned how all aspects of one’s life can be impacted through experiencing the Fields and by loving myself.” -Chrissandra Schindler 

“A highlight of the seminar was watching Melissa evoke/emote/generate the Fields as we went through them. So Loved that she never stopped moving throughout the days. I also learned it is easier than I thought.” -Eric Ott

“Highlights include “creation from completion” teachings and dropping into the Love-Sphere instantaneously.”

“This M-Joy Integrative seminar adds super confidence to my space, and showed me that everything I thought was possible actually Is possible.” -Michael Brown

“I was able to access and clear a very old pattern that had been in place forever. Another highlight was meeting fabulous people.” NI

“I will now approach my life by following my heart.” -Danielle Nistor

“The Fields are awesome and really came alive for me.  This seminar experience will be applied personally and professionally, in all aspects of life.” AP

“I learned to regenerate parts of my body.” –Aleks Aris

“I learned to be comfortable being in my heart-center and seeing through it. I also gained many new ideas for working with patients.” -Jonathan Mackoff, D.C.

I enjoyed all the Fields and how to relate to them.” -Norma Ramos-Ott

“A highlight was being around conscious enthusiastic people. I am enjoying learning more about this fields. This seminar experience will go wherever I go. Thank you Melissa- I appreciate the gifts you share!” -Martha L. McCook