What People Are Saying…

Participant Feedback M-Joy Integrative Seminar (San Diego June 2016) 

The brilliant articulation of field dynamics and awesome waves of transformation encoded in Melissa’s words.-Jeffrey Najarian


I loved experiencing the different fields from the heart and being able to flow through them with comfort.” -Emily Steffen


A highlight of the seminar was personal attention from Melissa as well as interacting with other attendees. I learned I can access multi-dimensions of myself and others in the hologram.” -David Bir


Experiencing the Field of the Heart. Working with the fields in conjunction to bring change and higher resonance.” -Karla Robb


I was amazed how grounded and centered I could feel using the Fields. This seminar will impact my personal and professional life in every way possible!” – Nicole Breaux 


“A highlight was the summary field meditation on the second morning. I learned different fun ways to PLAY with the Fields.”- Rosalia Arvisu


Access to Joy and Self-love more readily. Opportunities to see all aspects of myself as love.” -Danielle Emhof


I loved learning about the Fields and being able to access them, especially Field 101 and Field 111.” -Amparo Gonzalez


Connecting with Melissa in new Fields of PLAY. I love the downloads of new perceptions and expansions blossoming surging.” -Lauren Page


I learned how easy it is to integrate the Fields. I am grateful for this seminar experience.”-Freddy Salgado


Connection with Melissa. Loving presence of group. Being here! For me personally Lots of transformation with True Authentic Relating. So glad I don’t have to hide.” -Karen Halcyon


I learned how to embody these fields. This seminar experience will 100% impact my personal and professional life.” -Rocio Salgado


Beautiful distinctions of real universal principles. I love the opportunity to address each quality and doors at thoroughly.”-SoLaMee Heneage