Recent Interviews

April 2017

Move Into The Magic Webinar: Melissa Joy and The Integrity Effect

Playing In The Field of the Heart with Melissa Joy / Women For One


March 2017

Tune into You: Extraordinary Living Aligned with the True Callings of the Heart with Melissa Joy/
Keepin’ it Real with Janean Strong.


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Additional Video Interviews

Melissa Joy London Webinar with Justin Luria


Melissa Joy Jonsson on Movers and Shakers with Maxine Taylor




Melissa Joy Jonsson on Dave the Mystic



Melissa Joy Jonsson on The Loretta Brown Show, AM 1150 KKNW,



Melissa Joy Jonsson with Rev Janice Hope Gorman



Melissa Joy Jonsson on Claim Your Life with Boni Olin


Melissa Joy Jonsson with Maxine Taylor, August 14, 2015




Melissa Joy Interview –  “Conscious Living Radio”


Melissa Joy Interview with Maxine Taylor –  “Move into the Magic” on the Co-Creator Radio Network


Melissa Joy Jonsson on Heart Center Talk Radio with David C. Lewis – January 14, 2015


Joy in the Matrix with Melissa Joy Jonsson and Cristina Smith –  Energy Medicine Exchange Radio/ blogtalkradio