M-Joy™  (Women) Seminar Description

How we tango with the universe, our self, and others is an ongoing process of defining and refining our choices and actions. The movement begins from within the synchronicity of our hearts. Our hearts dance the eternal rhythm of joy. Choose joy.” ~ Melissa Joy  

Come connect with you and other fantastic women in a whole new way as we PLAY with Potential Love Awaiting You…and your recognition. Invite yourself and friends to experience an emerging form of empowered community experience at an M-Joy Of Being (Women) seminar. The emergence of the Sacred Feminine is not necessarily a women’s movement. Rather, it is a movement in consciousness giving rise to the remembering of our essence as inherently whole and limitless beings. In this recognition, there is an integration and synthesis of both feminine and masculine within us all. We remember, we notice, and we experience a return to our natural state of wholeness as flow, through the joy of being. ‘

M-Joy Of Being’ (Women) offers a deeply expansive experience for discovering and embodying True Authentic Self (TAS) as a direct extension of universal consciousness and infinite potential. Through practical immersion into heart-centered awareness, intuition, and grace, combined with the power of choice, we embrace coherency, congruency, and integrity-in-action that ripples effectively into all that we encounter.

Choose to participate in the evolution of You. Notice and let go of limiting memetic programs and morphic fields that may hinder consistent access to the Joy of Being… Women. In this transformative course, we establish resonance with empowering patterns of infinite potential to allow for more flow, well-being, and personal fulfillment. Sacred feminine and masculine essences are explored, refined, and combined for greater awareness and trust in our inherent knowingness, wholeness and discernment. Choose, notice, let go, allow, trust, and choose anew.

Discover and practice new powerful informational fields that facilitate immediate shifts in our awareness and experience of ourselves in relation to…everything. Transcend and transform the habit of comparison and competition through compassion and completion. Embrace the liberating truth of being ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ and learn to practically play with infinite potential each day in extraordinary ways. Experience and reclaim the empowered Joy Of Being you. Melissa Joy *This seminar has no prerequisite other than being….women. Click Here to Share in M-Joy Of Being (Women) Participant Experiences  

M-JOY OF BEING (Women) Seminar Description ~ Come join other amazing women as together we explore infinite potential, personal power, and everything in relation to…You! Deepen your understanding and experience of heart-centered awareness and Grace. Learn to embody your ‘True Authentic Self’ and embrace being ‘Perfectly Imperfect’. Play in 24 Fields of Flow, Fulfillment, Abundance and Joy as an everyday every way experience. Mind your state to a state of mind you do not mind at all.

Command Field Flow to change the way you create and relate to…everything. Heart Field x Grace = Exponential Personal Power. There is a component to the field of the heart that can be amplified or multiplied when it is coupled with components of Grace. This component of the heart field can be expressed as a mathematical equation for accessing Personal Power, wherein the Heart Field x Grace = Exponential Personal Power.

The words “Personal Power” tend to evoke different references for women based on their prior experiences of power. Personal Power, defined as a function of Grace, is not power over anything or anyone. Instead, Personal Power is a power that comes from direct access to the field of the heart and the innate wisdom that is available when we plug into the grid of universal consciousness potential. Within a heart-centered connection, there is nothing to be powerful or be powering over. Come explore the power that is within us All. Choose to PLAY. Come experience Potential Love Awaiting You…and your recognition! In this seminar we will be exploring and deepening our experience of

  • Heart-centered Awareness 
  • Intuitive Awareness, Receivership, and Grace
  • Integrity with True Authentic Self (TAS) and being Perfectly-Imperfect
  • True Authentic Relating (TAR)
  • Moving from Comparison and Competition to Compassion with Completion

  In addition, students will learn to:

  • Map the physics of self-love and the symmetry of the WE experience (equal service to self and others) to facilitate True Authentic Relating in all circumstances including family, friends, colleagues and prevailing paradigms.
  • Integrate sacred feminine and masculine aspects of oneself through the various M-Joy™  Fields. This integration as completion is the experience of embodying who we truly are, not how we have been conditioned to be.
  • Discern the difference between thoughts, emotions, and feelings, while determining if these patterns  are self-generated grids, others’ projected patterns, and/or collective fields of society.  Specific focus on mapping energy directiongeometry, and intention such as conscious/ unconscious/ manipulation will be explored and practiced.
  • Leverage empathy as a facet of the human experience. Students will play with, model, and discern compassionate empathy vs sympathy (energetically) to reclaim empathy as a source of True Authentic Power.
  • Identify and map distorted grids of the collective such as surrogate power structures, and apply new grids based on the symmetry of love though resonance with the M-Joy™ multidimensional Fields.

      *This class is taught as a two-day format or three-day format. **Both formats count toward the M-Joy™ Authorized Facilitator Certification program.    

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