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Invitation To PLAY and Experience. This course is open to Everyone.

“We already are what we wish to become.” ~Melissa Joy

Experience what students around the world have been raving about since 2014 as the next wave of practical experiential consciousness-expanding teachings. Come integrate and embody a whole way of being, based on the physics of hologramming and holo-framing reality.

Come PLAY in the WE Experience! Activate True Authentic Power (TAP) from the field of the heart as a catalyst for interactive reality creation, manifestation, and experience. Immerse yourself and integrate in 24 Fields of Flow, Fulfillment, Abundance, and Joy as an everyday, every-way experience. Command Field Flow to Change Your Life Everything is You in relation to…Everything, because we live in an interconnected inter-related holographic universe. Join Melissa Joy to discover the power of commanding Field Flow so you may consistently choose your resonant experience. Just choose. Many life experiences are the result of resonance with fields (energetic grids). When we resonate in fields of fear, lack, shame, blame, guilt, disconnection, and disease, our lives will reflect accordingly. When we resonate in fields of love, abundance, unity, flow, connection and expansion, our lives mirror this, too. If you want to transform your life, it is not enough to just change your vibration, or even your thoughts. You must change your patterns (energetic grids) which are interconnected with everything. Commanding Field Flow is more than a change of vibration or frequency. The M-Joy™ teachings provide multiple heart-centered access points to change all patterns (as grids of morphic resonance) constructing and perpetuating life experiences. Through the Physics of Integrity, students ‘holo-frame’ life patterns so that new blueprints, new Heart-prints based on cohesive loving grids, can be experienced.  The heart and science of commanding Field Flow enables us to transform all that we create, relate to, and experience. Change our Field resonance in the Love Hologram and everything can change. Witness the Results. Watch Recent Participants Share Their M-Joy Experience.

Students learn about and utilize the System of M-Joy™ Fields. These teachings offer a unique system based on a physics of hologramming and holo-framing reality so individuals can shift overall patterns in their lives, and in the lives of others.

By applying these unique grids of consciousness (Fields) students are able to to manifest and experience self-love, flow, joy, abundance, and fulfillment in the multi-faceted aspects of every day experiences. Through heart-centered awareness, coupled with connection to these specialized fields, long term patterns in an individual’s life can evolve or dissolve.

The System of M-Joy Fields may potentiate access to immediate physical/mental/emotional changes, while enabling long-term (sustainable) transformation to be realized.

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In this seminar, participants will learn and interact with a complete system of PLAY based on 24 holonomic fields that change up individual and collective grids of experience. 

  Specifically Students will:

  • Embody heart-centered awareness as a consciousness of completion through M-Joy’s legendary heart-centered teachings. Practical Play will follow the articulation of this unique language of light.
  • Discover important keys to the physics of the heart-field for experiencing the Integrity Effect, mapping the interconnectedness of all reality, accessing intuition, and holo-framing your life from a space of self-love as completion.
  • Interact with patterns as ‘placeholders‘, leveraging the multidimensional M-Joy™ Fields for immediate physical, mental, emotional and relational changes in self, others, and paradigms.
  • Apply Heart-Mind Synthesis as a method of projecting True Authentic Desires (TAD) into actualized manifestations and experiences.
  • Experience the True Authentic Self (TAS)  which is perfectly-imperfect, such that self-love and self-acceptance becomes the new normal.


  • Map the physics of self-love and the symmetry of the WE experience (equal service to self and others) to facilitate True Authentic Relating in all circumstances including family, friends, colleagues and prevailing paradigms.
  • Integrate sacred feminine and masculine aspects of oneself through the various M-Joy™  Fields. This integration as completion is the experience of embodying who we truly are, not how we have been conditioned to be.
  • Discern the difference between thoughts, emotions, and feelings, while determining if these patterns  are self-generated grids, others’ projected patterns, and/or collective fields of society.  Specific focus on mapping energy direction, geometry, and intention such as conscious/ unconscious/ manipulation will be explored and practiced.
  • Leverage empathy as a facet of the human experience. Students will play with, model, and discern compassionate empathy vs sympathy (energetically) to reclaim empathy as a source of True Authentic Power.
  • Identify and map distorted grids of the collective such as surrogate power structures, and apply new grids based on the symmetry of love though resonance with the M-Joy™ multidimensional Fields.


Curiosity and a willingness to PLAY are all that is required for anyone to benefit from this seminar.

*This class is taught as a two-day format or three-day format. **Both formats count toward the M-Joy™ Authorized Facilitator Certification program.

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