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This course is open to Everyone.

“You already are what you wish to become.” ~Melissa Joy

Experience what students around the world have been raving about since 2014 as the next wave of practical experiential consciousness-expanding teachings. Come integrate and embody a whole way of being…you.


Are you feeling stuck?

Humanity is in a position that we have never been before, in new and unfamiliar terrain. You may be at a place in your life where you are aware that “tried and true” behaviors and beliefs no longer work. You may be confused and unsure how to proceed.

If so, you’re not alone. Acclaimed teacher Melissa Joy has heard this from countless students around the world in her transformative seminars.

While lifestyle changes can help, Melissa Joy offers a groundbreaking system of transformation that will change the way you create and relate—to everything.

Each of us has access to energetic fields, or grids, that are as important to our health and well-being as our physical anatomy. Many life experiences are the result of resonance with these fields of thought (or energetic grids). When we resonate in fields of fear, lack, shame, blame, guilt, disconnection, and disease, our lives will reflect accordingly. When we resonate in fields of love, abundance, unity, flow, connection and expansion, our lives mirror this, too.

If you want to transform your life, it is not enough to just change your vibration, or even your thoughts. You must change your patterns, which are interconnected with everything.


A New Paradigm for Transformation and Healing

In the M-Joy Integrative Seminar, transformational teacher Melissa joy offers a complete system for healing and transformation—all taught in one weekend. Students will learn how to access a proprietary system of 24 M-Joy™ Fields, or Grids, unique system based on a physics that allows individuals to shift overall patterns in their lives, and in the lives of others.

By accessing these expansive grids, students will be able to manifest and experience self-love, flow, joy, abundance, and fulfillment in all aspects of our everyday experiences. This, coupled with heart-centered awareness, can help evolve or dissolve long-term patterns permanently.


A Global Innovator in the Integration of Science and Spirituality


Melissa Joy Jonsson, or M-Joy, is best known for her ability to engage people from all over the world to embrace their True Authentic Power by playing in the field of the heart. In 2014 she launched the “M-Joy” seminar teachings, a unifying WE movement in consciousness that is dedicated to heart-centered awareness and practical personal empowerment for everyone. Her teachings are a culmination of her expansive work integrating scientific principles and spiritual concepts into practical daily experiences.


A weekend of hands-on training and play-based techniques to improve your health and enhance your vitality.


With Melissa Joy’s expert guidance, you’ll first learn to become aware of ways that the life force moves in your body and affects your physical and emotional state.


Then, with step-by-step guidance in a variety of techniques and practical play, you’ll learn how to:


  • Embody the physics of heart-centered awareness, which allows direct access to universal consciousness potential, allowing any energetic pattern to change.
  • Interact with patterns as ‘placeholders‘, leveraging the M-Joy™ Fields for immediate physical, mental, emotional and relational changes in self, others, and paradigms.
  • Apply Heart-Mind Synthesis as a method of projecting your True Authentic Desires (TAD) into actualized manifestations and experiences.
  • Experience your perfectly imperfect True Authentic Self, or TAS, where self-love and self-acceptance becomes your new normal.
  • Discern the difference between compassionate empathy and sympathy (energetically) to maintain your state no matter what is happening
  • Discover the difference between thoughts, emotions, and feelings and whether these patterns are coming from self, others, or collective fields of society.  
  • Transcend addictions and distractions to experience freedom, wholeness and completion.


The System of M-Joy Fields may potentiate access to immediate physical/mental/emotional changes, while enabling long-term (sustainable) transformation to be realized.


What You Will Receive:

Two (or three) full days of hands-on teaching in an intimate setting that allows for one-on-one interaction. Melissa Joy presents a powerful combination of theory and practice through play to help you master these powerful tools for changing self, family, work and collective paradigms.

The M-Joy Integrative Seminar doesn’t require any special skills or prior training—all that’s needed is your curiosity and willingness to PLAY to benefit.

In the M-Joy Integrative Seminar, you can experience one of the most innovative and groundbreaking teachers in personal transformation today. Melissa Joy will challenge your perceptions of what is real, open your mind to new possibilities, and provide you with the tools to change your life.


*This class is taught as a two-day format or three-day format.

**Both formats count toward the M-Joy™ Authorized Facilitator Certification Program


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