M-Joy Integrative Seminar ~  Participant Feedback  Denver, Colorado March 19-21, 2016


“The highlight of the seminar was the entire thing! Most especially a deeper connection with myself and my truth, and transforming fears. Recognizing my placeholders. Absorbing more physics. And expanded heart space experience!! The way I show up at home and at work will hugely benefit from the Fields, love, truth and expansiveness I experience at M-Joy!” ~ Molly Kittle


“I learned to let go with grace rather than with anger to justify the perceived losses to make space. Working with these beams of light and Melissa Joy.” ~Joan M. Carlson


Learning about the containers for all this. Really amazing. I learned to feel into the Fields. Definitely will have a huge impact on how I show up for clients.”~Jeff Riddle


“Gaining insights into entanglements and complexities of what I have resonated with, which results in the outcomes of my relationships. This seminar has given me a much deeper appreciation and understanding of how to use the Fields.” ~Janice Polansky


“Highlight F101, F102, F103 and learning how Melissa structures her work and way of seeing the world. The discussions were life changing with the structure of the Fields in the background.” ~ Chris VandenBrink


“Using science to understand consciousness (combining of science and spirituality). This seminar has opened me to my next step of evolutionary process /achievement of my life purpose.”~Tina Vukor Quarshie


“Being in my light. Gives permission to others to be in theirs.” ~Julie K. Inman


“Meeting Melissa more personally. Realizing that I am not ready to be dead after all.” ~ Tom Henderson


“This seminar will impact my life in ways that are not even imagined yet. I learned how to have more movement, resonance, and learned more facets of the Fields. The highlight was the group, the intimacy, the connections, and the incredible shifts.”                 ~ DeAnnaKay Swetzig


“Learning the 24 Fields of Flow, Fulfillment, Abundance and Joy from Melissa in such a loving way was the shift I was needing on this path.  The information was presented in such a way that even my very left brain tendencies were fully satisfied, while still giving the right brain just the juice it was craving.  The unfolding was graceful and eloquent.  I seriously (OK, I can’t really be too serious after learning that PLAY is the way) cannot wait for the next seminar I can attend!  See you there!” ~Lee Zeller