Seattle M-Joy Integrative (Intensive PLAY) February 27-29, 2016 Participant Feedback


“Love of self spreads to whole. I learned and gained an integration of life-long patterns. This Love impacts all of my life and spreads.” – Marlene Hohn

“Shifting into a deeper relationship with my TAS, TAP, TAE, and TAB. I learned that I could embody all these Fields, remain in the field of the heart and my mind could simply track connections without judgment or attachment. This seminar will impact my personal and professional life completely in almost every way, especially all my relationships with spouse, family, clients and co-workers.” -Jeff Boyer

“I learned I can change my DNA with speech. I will always use my words to heal from now on! Yes. This seminar completely changed everything now that I know everything is holographic and can be loved from the information platform of torsion fields of love.” -Jacquelina Johnson


“Just came back from M-Joy in Seattle. YEAH!!! How great was this?!!! Fabulous!  My life has changed, expanded and it appears that I have let go of a lot of “no longer useful” placeholders.  I came back calm and at ease.  Even now as I am faced with scenarios that are not as enjoyable as others, what I am doing/utilizing is 110, Fluid Boundaries. I have been speaking my truth. I don’t think unkindly but rather clearly. No longer taking care of others and releasing fear of rejection. I am feeling the difference from contraction and fear with my communication into the interesting territory of stating what is true for me and what I require. I feel more able to use the Fields in a moment to moment basis. I am liking this and I also valued greatly! being with a group of people who were turning their attention and gaze in a similar direction.  Thank you Melissa. Thank you everyone that came this past weekend.  I gained so much from you all! -Wendolyn Bird


“I discovered what I really want. And am now willing to be seen.” -Midori Shinkai


“The highlight of the seminar was the way that Melissa’s teachings dovetailed with the sharing of  participants during Question and Answer sessions. I no longer put limitations on my imagination.” -Paul Ponton


“Each time I play in the M-Joy Fields, it becomes more comfortable taking off the lampshade and amping up the light.” –Martha McCook


“All! The three days were so deep and profound. The Fields are so vast and powerful. Works fast and in profound ways. Very magical.” -Susan Hill


“Being here working with M-Joy and my wife. The simplicity of the Fields.” -Sean Reuland


Was amazing to hear how every single person was deeply moved by this seminar. Everything is possible. This seminar will impact my personal and professional life in every aspect. It’s exactly what I have been looking for and resonates perfectly.” –Jaida Scarlett


“Simply being here! Being in the flow of the Fields with Melissa and participants.” -Jay Johnson


I know a shift has already occurred in every facet of my life and for those in my circle. Very practical and illuminating.” –Angela Bussio


“I learned that commanding field flow is simply a state of being. A highlight was Melissa’s honeybee Joy in all her glory and her magnificent team – playing in the Fields. I am sure that playing in my Love Hologram will send out ripples of love, and impact an offering of the joy of being who we are.” -Amandalee Hatt