‘M-Joy Of Being’ (Women) Seminar Participant Experiences


“The highlight of the seminar was the depth of accessible teaching and connection and community. I learned to fall into the infinite potential of myself and give birth. This seminar experience will impact my personal and professional life in every way…hope is restored.” -Rebecca Ellens


“New Fields. Wow! Love heart space, placeholders, and compassion not sympathy. This seminar is life saving work. Thank you!!!”   -Jewel Young


“I learned how to love myself-so huge! This seminar will move all crossroads into alignment and create more perspective, love, feeling, and possibility. It gives me the ability to choose for me and creates more love for all of me, including everyone in my life.”  -Abby Goldfarb


“I am experiencing such deep levels of integration between my feminine and masculine aspects of myself. Experiencing my True Authentic Self (TAS) is amazing. I have new insights and understanding that blow my mind and heart open. Movement toward the feminine is a return to self. I have gained such confidence in my intuitive and healing capacities. These new tools are incredible. I love the marker of understanding 0,1,2. Melissa offered incredible insight.”  – Laura (Lalita) Creps


“Ripple effect. Awesomeness and Joy.”  – Angela Neufert


“Just wanted to let you know that I am experiencing great joy from my experience the last couple of days with you and the wonderful beings that showed up. The power of the experience will be unfolding for many days to come, I am sure. I am generally not effusive with praise or emotion, but am finding myself reeling with gratitude at this truly life changing experience,… and that is in NO WAY expressed lightly! I found the Matrix weekend truly amazing and transformational and did not even consider that the M-Joy seminar could possibly surpass that experience, but it truly did and by a mile! I did not even know that the very fabric of my existence could be rewoven in this way. I have always believed in miracles but never considered that anything could be this powerful. NEW GAME indeed! I am very excited about receiving your book and expect to be buying many copies for the women in my life. Please know my profound gratitude and love for the amazing doorway that you are. Much love and gratitude to you always.” – Catherine (Cari) Bachelder


“The heart field, the new Fields, the women, Melissa, True Authentic Self (TAS). I never thought so much grace was possible.” -Petra Leible


“I have words for so many things and I am happily choosing to receive the words to articulate the past 2 days. I am different, I am smiling, I mean really and truly smiling back at my TAS (True Authentic Self). I have a new relationship with 0,1 and 2 and 107 has not left my side since Tuesday. And I’m happy to let it all flow. The webs are dissolving into strings. M-Joy Of Being, including all the magnificent women who showed up, has once again changed my relationships with EVERYTHING!!!! The information was received with utter joy and so deep and perfectly articulated. I love you and I am so very thankful I found you to be my voice and mirror back to me that which I inherently knew, but what appeared to be completely lost and forgotten. M-Joy Of Being – From the deepest depths of my heart to what appears to be the surface of my skin, thank you.” —Tonya Edwards

“Loved seeing people wake up to their True Authentic Selves (TAS). -Sarah Benjamin


“Everything, especially the honesty and passion spoken directly from the heart.” -Leonie Heller


“I love the person I have found myself to be since I have known you.” -Krista Sassani


“Melissa Joy Jonsson and the Fields and our guides and guidesses and TAS led the way in a truly transformative weekend. New frequencies came in and there was even more to interact with. I did so at the airport and the plane home and they’re definitely active and powerful – 333 to the 3rd power and more! This seminar (if you want to call it that) also broke up some powerful memes I’d held re. women’s gatherings (hearkens back to the women’s lib groups that, while useful in their own way, left some big-time resistance on my part to further gatherings) and a new paradigm was formed for me.”  -Margarete Brandenburg, M.DIV, MA, LMHC


“Identifying my inner constant joy no matter what.” – Pamala S. Dean


“A truly profound experience of shining with other women in a safe and energetically alive atmosphere and learning about the new Fields that are transforming me even now. I learned how I can help myself and also how to allow others to help me. This seminar experience will profoundly impact my personal/professional life.” -Kathy Fitzpatrick


“The highlight was working with incredibly powerful women and the EEP’s (fields).” -Amy Johnson


“I learned how easy it is to change thousands of years of consciousness in a field that does not serve.” -Shirley Bolstok


“Everything was a highlight. The new information, the interactions, and the practicing. I learned more about my own power. Bigger perspective, choices, power, fun, truth, love.” -Molly Kittle


“I am excited and so very empowered to allow and receive the unfolding. Grace in motion.” -Tonya Edwards


“Shifts! Working in a safe environment on ourselves. Being with like-minded women in a new way focused on field of the heart.”-DeAnna Kay


“So many highlights: the intentional practice on ourselves, with support and guidance from others was very powerful. The focus on finding a neutral point in our relationships with situations also was a highlight. Loved the women only group- it allowed for so much expansion, and loved that it was two days. This is a beautiful, meaningful, relevant, loving,

useful expansion of Matrix. Thank you from the depth of my heart field!” -JM


“I remembered who I am.” -Michele Keef


“Love the new Fields (Exponential Energetic Potentiates). I love having tools to work with myself, and my relationship to self and others from a beautiful high perspective. This was absolutely perfect timing for me. Melissa Joy – just love you -integrity, honesty, the gifts you bring!!” -Mary Scott


“I feel complete. M-Joy’s ability to stay “now” present with new data was a highlight of the seminar. Thanks!  Energy of women open with others was amazing.” -Anita Brennan


“Extreme joy, connection, release, rebirth.”-Angela Douglas


“I got so much clarity. It is exactly the boost I need right now. The container created, the group, the teachings, the morphic fields.”

~Robyn Avalon


“Fellowship. I found my voice. I used this last night with an angry guest at my work. I sent some of the M-Joy Fields to the situation, and the person’s complaint softened and her anger dissipated.”

~Dianna Sky Walker


“I never knew I could feel so safe and so vulnerable at the same time. I will use this personally with my 14 year old daughter and professionally with all my clients.” -Julie Inman


“This was another piece of the puzzle for me in my quest to fully remember who I really am. This seminar will help me more fully integrate healing experiences with my clients. It will help me find the joy in each and every life experience.”

~Patricia M. Felici


“The highlight was hearing, seeing, feeling, loving and living in my heart-field for the first time, truly, ever. I learned I can let go of my pain and I don’t need anything but myself to do it. No medication, no person, nothing but my own beautiful power. This seminar will impact my personal and professional life in that I will no longer be inhibited by constructs that don’t exist and I will manifest any life I desire. Joy in all the days to come because I choose.” -Athena Pierce


“Melissa Joy’s humility. Thank you for your amazing presence. The 123 are powerful. Thank you. Encircling Joy. ” – Tricia Honey


“The M-Joy 24 fields were a highlight. Letting go of memes, and patterns. True Authentic Self (TAS)!” -Martha Spalding


“This was easier than I thought, after the blockage cleared. (I did not know I carried that particular issue around with me for 14 years. This seminar has already impacted my life. This morning I was able to go on a long walk (one hour) without any anxiety and irrational fear and without my phone. It might not look like much but to me this was huge! I am more relaxed toward my business and income also.” -Frauke DePetter Murphy


“The highlight of the seminar was the power of the fields, and how practical they are.” -Tatjana Misic


“The clarity and grace encoded within the teaching and imparting of information. Embodiment of brilliant inspiration.” -Donna Cerame


“A quick connection to personal power. Melissa – her magical ability to articulate difficult information and make it accessible, fun, and “do-able”. Her sharp intellect, in relation to her joyful sense of humor and expressive body language, combine to create an experience that transforms! -Kim McVicker


“Easy access to love, and the safety to look at all that I perceived wasn’t love. Awesome M-Joy.” ~Krista Sassani


“Being able to receive ALL the gifts offered because Melissa showed up authentically. The fields showed up in connection to my father who passed 14 years ago. I released shame. My communication will be better with my lover. True Authentic Expression- Powerful!”

~Julie K. Inman


“Spending time listening to Melissa, and the knowledge she was sharing.”- Anna Adamczyk


“So many highlights. Love the new information on the fields. Watching Melissa Joy hold her ground. When it is easy it is easy. But watching her navigate through density live was a highlight. So see her “walking” in the information via live demonstration is better than a cooking show. I learned you can have it all. Love love love…” -Flo Furtek


“All of the fields! Awesome!” – Dale Koranjy


“All of it. Opening my heart to receive a new level of love and acceptance for me as I am. I loved Melissa’s open heart and authenticity in sharing M-Joy with us. I loved discovering the fields and playing with being a woman in a new way. I loved experiencing a sense of divine connection with great women void of comparison and competition. Thank you for such an amazing fun time!” -Veronica Parker


“The highlight was the presentation of the fields of information and Melissa’s gift as a presenter. I will experience expansion in both my personal and professional life.” – Carole Quinn


“This seminar was a game changer for me! I let go of the need to hold on. I learned I could actually be a genuine authentic friend to myself and to others without competition, comparison, jealousy, and passive aggressiveness. Melissa’s authentic sharing of life experiences helped me relate and connect more deeply to myself with permission to experience my patterns without judgment.” – Tonya Edwards


“I have deeper tools for accessing flow and joy in multiple directions.” -Allison Moore


“The whole seminar was wonderful for me and has been helpful in giving me the tools to help unlock fears through the fields. I love how this seminar related to the sacred feminine. I found it very empowering. Sympathy vs. empathy with neutrality was also very useful. I will play with the fields every day at home, and at work.” -Pamela Stanis


“Melissa’s presence, knowledge, love, authenticity, and ability to connect with the participants. This seminar reinforced the knowing that we can do, have or be whatever we can dream.” -Margaret Lesniak


“This seminar will impact me in every day in every way as it supports my being, my choices, and all my actions. I learned that Joy chimes and resonates in my unique field of the heart 24/7. A highlight was Melissa’s presentation. “ – Dr. Miriam C. Wolf