Recognition is reclamation~

We are never stuck and we are never powerless. In truth, we do not really need to take our power back from a controlling society, or from relationships gone awry, or retrieve our power from a family that never nurtured us in a way that we felt we needed to be nurtured. Why? The reason is simply because we never gave our power away. True Authentic Power is inherent power which cannot be taken, lost, or destroyed. 

When in situations where we felt powerless or stuck, we were simply in resonance with patterns of information, as placeholders reflecting back some aspect of our potentiality we had not yet recognized. Recognition is reclamation. Awareness is power.

All of the power that we ever thought we gave away is still available; all power is still inherently within us. Power rests in seeds of our inherent potential waiting to grow and blossom. All seeds of potential are readily available to us through the universal field of the heart. 

~Melissa Joy, adapted and excerpted from ‘Little Book Of Big Potentials’ publishing on a sunny day this summer.

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