Pointers- Piece of Peace


“The true nature of reality can be described many different ways: unconditional lightness, undisturbed peace, abiding contentment with what is, love for simply being, etc.

Notice that the descriptions are not describing an objective reality that can be philosophized and discussed by way of spiritual thought. It’s pointing to an unchanging felt-sense of reality.

In other words, it’s a daily living as a felt-sense constant within the aliveness of your being. It’s not something that can be simply understood through pointers because no pointer is describing the nature of how reality actually is but how reality is felt as a constant sense of ease despite how reality seems to be appearing.

Hence, pointers similar to: “there is no choice, no-self, everything is predestined” is not describing the true nature of reality. The true nature of reality is discovered by following those pointers to where they point and if grokked in the manner in which the sage is using that pointer then you will feel the nature of reality as undisturbed peace.

Thus, the pointer is dropped because it no longer makes any sense. You are feeling an undisturbed peace of being, so who cares how the nature of reality works when you know deep within your being that reality is simply a constant peace with what is. You see?

You no longer need to understand or describe the nature of how reality actually is because you’re are feeling exactly what is actually is without descriptions, without spiritual maps, without understanding anything about reality but simply feeling this one felt-sense tone that is unchanging.


Very seldom do any pointers bring the undisturbed peace that is mentioned because the mind wants to understand reality and have descriptions about how reality is, as if it’s an objective reality that has absolute descriptions. It’s not true that there is no-self. Who cares if there is a self or not when you’re truly feeling the aliveness of constant ease.

These pointers will no longer make any sense to you because the constant ease will be so dominant in your constant experience that you will not need to know or understand reality through descriptions because you’re feeling reality instead.

To know the true nature of reality is to simply know peace as what you constantly are. Truth is very simple when you see it clearly. Most don’t want to know the simple truth of reality, they want to be able to describe it, grab it, and be right about it. You can either be the peace that you are or keep being right by claiming that no-self is the actual reality of true nature.

I don’t care about how deep you have touched truth, if you don’t have constant peace then you have not yet grokked what the sage is pointing to. Stop being clever. Stop knowing your spiritual garbage and clinging so tightly to your spiritual experiences. Nobody cares about what you figured out. We all just want peace because we are wanting what we are and that means to be the peace that we are despite the situation at hand. Truth must be a felt-sense experience, otherwise it’s useless.

Sages are not speaking the truth, they are not describing the true nature of reality. You know the sage when you feel what the sage is and that felt-sense is always one of peace and ease of being.

The sage is peace and you feel it in their presence because that’s what you actually are, despite what you picked up along the way of your spiritual unfoldment. The sage is unimpressed by anything you say to them if what you’re saying is not backed by a present aliveness of peace. The sage feels what you are feeling and if it’s not peace then it’s not truth and thus you’re not being as you already and always are.

This is the only discernment the sage has. If a felt sense of peace is not radiating from the aliveness of your present being then it’s not truth. It’s as simple as that.” 

– Melissa Joy Jonsson,  sometime in 2013-2014.

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