Heart of All Matters

Consciousness is physics and physics is consciousness. Most of society, and women in particular, have been programmed to think physics (and science) is hard to comprehend. What if this belief is simply a side effect of cultural conditioning (and prescriptioning) designed to keep people disempowered?

The Physics of Consciousness is easy, when we realize that physics (and metaphysics ) is simply organized flow; from infinite potential…to infinite distinctions and infinite expressions.

The Physics of Consciousness is the exact same physics that the universe utilizes to create everything. This is the physics of Love as torsion, light, and information; this is the physics of heart-centered awareness. This is the physics of us.

To this effect, I am not willing to dumb down my teachings so some people can continue to feign incapability. I will continue to teach to the heart of all matters.

The heart’s innate intelligence knows what the limited mind has forgotten. We are all capable of so much more than we may have previously imagined.

Listen from the heart. The heart naturally knows the Physics of Consciousness. The heart transcends the perceptual filters that may prevent us from remembering this wisdom.

The heart says “Off with the blurry goggles!” See clearly now the Physics of Love is the phi-cycle of all physical life.



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