The Ricochet Effect

The Ricochet Effect~

It has been my experience that when entangling personal fields with others, if we do not establish boundaries of what we are willing to show up for (supported by Field 110), we experience the ricochet effect.

The ricochet effect is defined as being a consequential out-loop of our willingness to show up to help others, and the result brings forth negative circumstances for ourselves. The support ricochets back and hits us in myriad harmful ways.

I have asked what is the deciding factor as to whether giving others a hand up (not a hand-out) will result in a detrimental impact rippling into our personal perspective reality. In asking this question, an empowering observation has been made, witnessed, and ratified through trial and error.

Primarily, the difference in whether the ricochet effect occurs (or not) is the level of integrity of the person or pattern we are seeking to support. When that person or pattern is in integrity AND genuinely wants to help himself or herself, then the support has a ripple effect that benefits everyone.

Conversely, when out of integrity, when looking to others to do the work for them, or using the scenario as a form of manipulation to run power, then the circumstances ricochet and reverberate incongruently and detrimentally into our own lives and the lives of everyone connected. We become collateral damage.

No More Collateral Damage~

After countless inquiries surrounding I love you AND . . . scenarios, this is a very useful distinction that enables us to maintain the sanctity of our fields without the ricochet effects of others’ incongruent choices. This has been a very liberating delineation in awareness. Field 120 will assist with being able to discern the difference and to support us in not becoming collateral damage.

~Melissa Joy Jonsson, excerpted from ‘Little Book of Big Potentials’

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