M-Joy Of Being (Women) Seminar Participant Feedback

M-Joy Of Being (Women)

Seminar Participant Feedback September 2016


“Being able to hear myself and feel compassion for all the times I felt abandoned by others and in turn, abandoned myself. Every M-Joy seminar brings more awareness of myself, and my true nature. Each time I attend I find more grace and space for love. This seminar helps me feel like an adventurer instead of a lost soul.” ~ Krista Sassani


“The highlight of the seminar was the equal participation. The sharing was rich, authentic, and super helpful. I feel my heart is now open and aligned with my True Authentic Self.” ~Dori Cataldo


“ALL of it. Everyone present. Melissa. The Fields. The possibilities. This seminar impacts my personal And professional life in EVERY WAY!!!


“Processing with women. Learning the Fields. I learned how quickly I can move through Placeholders with Fields.” ~ Kristin Cavanaugh


The highlight of the seminar? I am not sure I can pick just one. Women only. Being able to speak freely and release things I never though about before. It was truly amazing to learn about the Fields and understanding the limitless potential of the universe and the hologram around us.”

~Kasia Bitner


“Seeing how strong the Fields work together without an active setting up for them to do it has brought me powerful peace. I also learned that my experiences with the Fields transcend linear time. I can see interactions with them in the past, present and future all at once.” ~Kay Sassani

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