M-Joy Integrative Calgary, Alberta Canada Seminar Participant Feedback

M-Joy Integrative Calgary, Alberta Canada

Seminar Participant Feedback


“This seminar opened our eyes wide. We never imagined the simplicity of it all.” ~Jacqueline and Teddy Bridgett

Cape Town, South Africa



“To gain permission to be All of me.” ~Fran Mah


“A highlight of the seminar was realizing there is this incredible gift of the 24 Fields to tap into, to assist with  living my truth in love. I now have incredible  tools to tap into, to help me move forward in life. And…I don’t need to feel powerless about helping other people with their difficulties.” ~ Pani Robinson


“Melissa’s love, compassion, and conviction. Thanks for seeing me.” ~Greg Easthouse 


“I am definitely more at peace, and have been able to look at life circumstances from other perspectives. I have discovered I can influence pain / well-being in all ways. I have also released alot and integrated new choices. I am ready for Joy!” ~ Sandra Weis


“I could see the geometries as Melissa was teaching. Enjoying Play. How will this seminar experience impact my life? I could write a book. Bringing Joy to everything.”

Linda Orr Easthouse


“The highlight was claiming myself. I learned that the level of empowerment that I can see…is mine. Huge impact in every way. I also gained a sense of the tremendous depth available in the fields, what feels like an infinite resource.” ~Paula Finnegan


“The people and all the experiences we shared together. I learned so much! Lots to do with my family and the different ways the fields present themselves at different times. I will be playing with these fields in my workplace and with myself in regards to work.” ~Jaida Scarlett


“Being There. This work will be a part of my life.” ~ Sue Marlatt



“Seeing/ feeling and feeling free to speak my truth. Easily manifesting the fields and seeing more than I imagined I would. This seminar experience will impact both my professionals and personal life as feeling the soft-flexible strength in my life will make it much easier to help others.” ~Alma Johnston


“Joy and the easy download. This seminar impacts every aspect of my life.” ~ JoAnne Horvak


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