M-Joy Integrative (Reno, Nevada) Seminar Participant Feedback

M-Joy Integrative (Reno, Nevada)

Seminar Participant Feedback August 2016


“I learned that these Fields affect physical conditions. I thought they were more about emotional conditions. A highlight of this seminar was realizing that I feel differently about an issue just by connecting to Field101 and looking at it from there.” ~Carol Chiang


“Being in Reno with Melissa Joy is the highlight of the seminar for me. I learned that I am awesome! This is mind-boggling for me. This seminar truly changes my experience of myself and my life.” ~Jerry Thompson


“The highlight of this seminar was being present.” ~ Dennis Fitzpatrick


“Playtime after explanation. Interesting and exciting information. Everything. It’s all new to me however it feels right and correct to me. Trust.” ~ Debra Schuster


“Too many highlights! Practicing with Field 102 and breaking pattern up into separate placeholders. Field 120 AND eliminating the word ‘but’ from my vocabulary at work.” ~Tom Dvorak


“A highlight was working with the other group members in practice sessions. I will use these energies for self-healing and living my life to its fullest.” ~Donna Satterfield

“My access to freedom has increased.”  ~ Richard Garcia

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