London’s Calling: M-Joy Integrative Seminar Special Video Invitation


Invitation To PLAY and EXPERIENCE

London, England June 25-26, 2016

Melissa Joy Jonsson, Instructor


Come PLAY in the WE Experience! Activate True Authentic Power (TAP) from the field of the heart as a catalyst for interactive reality creation, manifestation, and experience. Immerse yourself and integrate in 24 Fields of Flow, Fulfillment, Abundance, and Joy as an everyday, every-way experience.


Command Field Flow

Everything is You in relation to…Everything. Join Melissa Joy and other heart-minded individuals in a shared Love Hologram to discover the power of commanding Field Flow so you may consistently choose your resonant experience. Just Choose.


Many life experiences are the result of the Fields we are in resonance with. When we resonate in fields of fear, lack, separation, and limitation, our lives will reflect accordingly. When we resonate in fields of love, abundance, unity and expansion, our lives mirror this, too.


Commanding Field Flow is more than a change of vibrational frequency. In this seminar we will map the art and science of commanding Field Flow to transform all that we relate to and experience. Change our Field resonance in the Love Hologram and everything can change.


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