“Off With The Lampshades! Be Your Own Light” Article Published in Wake Up World

Thank you Wake Up World for publishing ‘Off With The Lampshades!’ this week, excerpted from “Little Book of Big Potentials” and the M-Joy Heart Field teachings. Shine On in Your Brilliant Radiance…

No Power Shortage~

“If we turn off our light, we give away our power. Consider this: you are a bright light, and there’s another bright light that does not know it’s a bright light, for it is wearing a lampshade. Under the mask of the lampshade, there are all sorts of manipulative patterns being run to siphon your light, use your signal, or reflect off your shine.

This may be challenging for you. Instead of dealing directly with the manipulative, demeaning behavior that enables the manipulative patterns to run off your signal generator, you might dim your light or wear a darker lampshade so the other light feels brighter. This may feel easier and less threatening than dealing with the challenge.

Off With The Lampshades! Be Your Own Light

How often do we find ourselves dimming our light so someone else (or a structure) can wear his or her silly lampshades and feel more comfortable or artificially brighter? It is not up to us to make them feel comfortable. It is up to us to be comfortable in our brilliant truth and then to ripple that light out so others can see themselves more clearly. Off with the lampshades!

Others are not comfortable manipulating, but they just don’t know any better. They think the lampshades are who they are. We get to teach them, just by being who we are. Be your own bare light amid the lampshades. Be your own light amid contrast.”


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