New Practical Play the Field Flow Way. Field 117 Playing Agelessly.

New Practical Play the Field Flow Way. Field 117 Playing Agelessly- Timeless Living as Eternal Loving. Childlike Wonder at all ages. Leveraging Time as a process for distinctions.

“Media Mediation ~ Field 117 also disconnects us from the grid of consciousness known as media influence that memetically penetrates and confuses our thoughts and perceived experiences around aging. In the media, beauty is only represented in youth, and it is superficially honored. All consumers are buying into it, young and mature alike, so the media continues doing it. Stay young, they say, or else! “Or else What?” I wonder.

Media ads are designed to set standards for us that are deliberately manipulated. The standards are artificially designed to be unattainable, even by the models used in the surreptitious advertising schemes. All advertising campaigns are designed to make us believe that something, or many things, about us are flawed and that the solutions to our flaws are magically found in their products. Buy it now! Ad campaigns subtract from our well-being and keep us camping in pain, self-doubt, and discouraging disappointment.

We get to choose how we respond to what the media is perpetually programming us to believe. If we don’t respond, the programs change. Media madness is a huge morphic field, and I am not saying it is easy to contend with. I am saying it begins with us, and it ends with us. We get to decide what we buy into every moment of every day. Invest in playing agelessly. Just choose.”

Melissa Joy ~ excerpted from “Little Book of Big Potentials”

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