New Practical Play the Field Flow Way ~ Field 109. Joy For No Reason.

 New Video- Practical Play the Field Flow Way ~ Field 109. Joy For No Reason.
This Field supports connection to a Field of Joy. Joy is our natural state, available to us when we stop being and living any other way. Field 109 fosters the ability to tap into our own inherent Joy no matter the circumstances. Connect to Joy now and experience the movement of love spiraling from the field of the heart.

Experience Field 109 as Melissa Joy invites us to experience the power of connecting to this field of Joy. Joy is what we are. Joy is who we are. Joy is always available. Notice and experience the Joy of Being…You.

Field 109 is the Ninth Video in a series of Twenty-Four Quick and Easy Weekly Videos about the power of commanding field flow. These brief insights support our ability to connect to 24 Fields shared by bestselling Author Melissa Joy Jonsson in her book ‘Little Book of Big Potentials’ (available in Print, Kindle and Audio Book, lovingly narrated by the Author) as well as in the M-Joy teachings.

(Catch the new book release of ‘Practical Play the Heart-Centered Way’ on Kindle and Audiobook. Print Edition coming soon.)

Click here to watch video.

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