Life Purpose – Love Purpose

Embrace Multi-purposeful Living and Loving~

Wherever we are in our journeys, Field 123 will support greater recognition and resonant expression of our unique soul signatures. We may choose whether to allow our purpose to unfold. This is an unfolding of an inner knowing, that we already are what we wish to become. Field 123 will support us in this enfolding and unfolding as a progression of the expression of our unique limitless potential.

The concept of Life Purpose may be understood by some to be something predefined and specific relative to our mission and purpose on this planet— life purpose as an action-oriented endeavor.

Consider that our primary life purpose is to be the love that we are, to reflect love, express love, and share love in all endeavors. Within that purposeful way of being, we all may have a unique calling that is specifically suited to our soul. Or we may have many callings, many purposes, many reasons for expressing love in its infinite forms. Our soul purpose may not be one purpose exclusively but may be multi-purposeful, expanding and extending in many directions inclusively. Love functions by expanding and extending in many directions.

~Melissa Joy
Excerpted from ‘Little Book of Big Potentials’

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