RAW TALK Podcast Interview with Melissa Joy #56 Melissa Joy Jonsson on Flow, Frequencies and Fields of the Heart

RAW TALK Podcast Interview with Melissa Joy
Define spirituality on your own heart terms. Spirituality is…practical metaphysics for extraordinary living.

#56 Melissa Joy Jonsson on Flow, Frequencies and Fields of the Heart

“Raw Talk is pleased to be joined in this episode with the brilliant, magnetic and inspiring Melissa Joy Jonsson.  Melissa journeys us through her beginnings in metaphysics and teachings by way of a traditional and very successful pharmaceutical sales route. Since that time, Melissa’s career evolved to becoming one of the most well-respected teachers and authors in metaphysical concepts and energy medicine. Melissa’s strong, yet subtle message can be heard through casual banter and story-telling in this episode, but pay attention for the powerful life-bombs. They’re rampant in this episode.”

For more information on Melissa Joy Jonsson’s teachings, seminars or books, please visit her website: http://www.mjoyheartfield.com. Melissa’s books mentioned in this episode are: The Integrity Effect and Little Book of Big Potentials. Both are available on Amazon.

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M-Joy Integrative Seattle Feedback September 2017

“This class exceeded my expectations. Deep transformation. New Grids” ~ Alexander B

 “Exciting incites from Melissa. New to me. Life Changing.” ~Marlene H

“The shifts/changes with in a physical pattern- cough-asthma.. I appreciated Melissa’s presence for the weekend during an incredibly hard situation of a hurricane. I feel it showed the power of the Fields.”  ~Gayle S


“I learned the connection between my physical pain and my not knowing what I want to do with my life.” ~Kristin S


“The gift of having Melissa with us no matter what is going on…I learned how to change anything inside me.” ~Rosalia A


“Playing. Bringing greater understanding. New Opening to Possibilities.” ~Becky Z


“This seminar will impact every aspect of my life. Thank you for showing us the way and your loving presence.” ~Vicki B


“Experiencing Melissa at day one and the grid applied in the moment to a seemingly helpless situation for an All iIs Well outcome. I will use this grid in my own situations.” ~George K


“I discovered patterns affecting my relationship with my wife and family. Another tool in my toolbelt. Everything is possible.” ~Greg S