Another M-Joy Publication: Astrology, Alignments, and New Heart-Prints

Thank You Wake Up World for another M-Joy publication:
Morphic Resonance: Change the Current and Reality Conforms Accordingly

Astrology, Alignments, and New Heart-Prints  

by Melissa Joy Jonsson

Mercury is retrograde this month (beginning August 12). For many who follow astrology as a map for navigating life, this may mean temporarily putting everything on hold. No new projects. No new contracts. No new commitments. This is because the planet Mercury rules communication, truth, clear thinking, and travel. Astrology indicates that when the planet Mercury is retrograde (running backward), any manifestation efforts will be stifled, stagnant, or potentially unsuccessful.

But is this absolutely true? What if astrology is only a tendency, a probability state that exists alongside other equally weighted probability states? Perhaps astrology is simply a map we follow, through a series of habituated responses based on morphic resonance?

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