M-Joy Of Being (Women) Seminar Participant Feedback ~ Philadelphia April 2017

“Playing with holograms. Changing my blueprint.” –Ewa Gac

“The overall coherence and completeness of the information. Every seminar I get a little more that makes sense and integrates. I always meet amazing people and get tools that make life even more enjoyable.” -S. McClurken

“The whole seminar. The Fields are the fastest road to Joy that I have encountered. It is like taking the Interstate.” –Allison Moore

“Instantaneously moving energetic stuck patterns that I have been “working” on. It seems the Fields were moving faster and encoding in a deeper more solid way.” –Eileen Knott

“Self-love is no longer a struggle, and that impacts everything.” -Kay Sassani

“The whole seminar was a highlight for me. Being in a group of amazing women and connecting to the fields.” –Jennifer Colangelo

“Playing and exploring each Field with flexible guidance. Applicable combination of Fields with personal experiences.” –Julie Dean

“I learned that I can change my blueprint. A highlight was the ease and rapid results. Melissa and her level of authenticity, raw-beingness and clarity.” -K. McVicker

“There were so many highlights of the seminar. Fields seemed more accessible. The way Melissa described being in the heart; the exercise she taught between distinguishing being in heart or out of heart. I felt incredible resonance with this group/ the dialog and feedback.” –Jennifer Feingold

“Creative expression flow. “ -Jill Collins

”I am enough. I am awesome, no matter what outer circumstances say. I knew that but it was put to the test.” -Laurie Encinosa

“Every seminar changes my life. All aspects. This one brings another level of awareness. Another opening for choice.” -Krista Sassani

“I needed to hear the information about new blueprints and intergalactic relationships. Thank you! Gratitude Splashes for you!” –Loretta Walker