Field of the Heart is True Authentic Power (TAP).

PLAY in Field 101 ~ The Field of the Heart Is Inherent Power.

Impersonally Intimate – Love IS

“The field of the heart is transpersonal (impersonal), albeit intimate. The impersonal aspect of the field of the heart is our true source for inherent power. The transpersonal aspect is the part of self that is unconditional and without a particular frame of reference or identification with personal perspectives. The heart field transcends perspectives while also including all perspectives as part of itself. As the heart field knows itself as love, it knows us as only love too.

The transpersonal nature of the field of the heart is where our individuality merges intimately with the All. The heart says, “Be still and know that into me I see. What I see is not the me that thinks it is me, alone and separate from all, but me as WE; nothing experiencing everything.”

The field of the heart recognizes the truth of our essential self as love. All other masks, identities, and delusions of confusion do not have the code for entry into the eternal chamber of our unbounded potential. This will not stop us from entering into heart space. Rather, the field of the heart will simply command us to leave those constructs that constrict us outside our house of heart-consciousness.

When we enter, we are invited to remove our shoes and bare only our soles as we bare our souls. The field of the heart says, “Come as you truly are and not how you have conditioned yourself to be.” The truth as love is never absent, no matter how many paths taken indicated otherwise. From the field of the heart, we begin to see ourselves as clear reflections of the enduring nature of love. Our holograms begin to mirror what the heart has always known but perhaps we have forgotten—Love IS.”

Excerpted and Adapted from ‘Little Book of Big Potentials’ by Melissa Joy Jonsson available on Amazon and everywhere in our shared love hologram.

True Authentic Desires (TAD)~ Paths for Joy

“A True Authentic Desire (TAD) is what inspires you. What inspires you is what brings you joy. Joy is sunshine for the TAD seed and its nurturing soil, signaling rays of play-sure for the power of love as life. The Joy of Being is reflected from the sunshine of your heart into the heart of the seed idea of TADs. Two hearts signal as One as your heart and seed idea dance together in spiraling waves of grace, as together they express finite forms of distinctions from infinite formlessness. True Authentic Desires are holographic seeds of completion, born into existence by deeds of action and experience.

New Trails to Tread Sole to Soul

Consider that the desire to choose a new path is already the beginning of something different. You have already begun!

Desire is a seed of potential, the fire of the enfolded heart that signals the universe to reflect back to you placeholders that mirror the seed of completion. The choices will present themselves as a natural response to the signal you have created through desire.”

Excerpted and Adapted from Little Book of Big Potentials by Melissa Joy Jonsson, available now in Print and Kindle.

Books are Fun and So Is Gratitude. Thank you!

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Going Barefoot…

“Whom would we be without our titles? When we cease to identify with the labels that often limit us, define us, and occasionally refine us, what remains? Perhaps drop the titles (and even entitlement) and meet the you that is really you, a unique expression of universal consciousness, an individual unlike anyone the world has ever seen before.
There is little comfort in conformity. True fulfillment is found in being individuals, walking as we truly are, recognizing we are not the masks and personas we may assume. We may choose to wear titles like a comfortable pair of shoes, all the while remembering the sheer joy of our bare footprint, our True Authentic Self, and our unique sole signature.”

~Excerpted and adapted from ‘Little Book of Big Potentials’ by Melissa Joy Jonsson. Available Now on Kindle. Print will release in a matter of days.

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Listen to the silence

Life has a seemingly unpredictable cadence. Yet when we listen to the silence between the notes of our daily experiences, we may hear love orchestrating harmonic order through an eternal rhythm of grace. 

Potential IS Power~

On Potential~

I love the word ‘Potential’ (Potent-All). Derived from the latin word ‘potentia’, meaning ‘power’ the true origin and meaning of the word ‘Potential’ does not imply something latent or dormant, or extrinsically out of reach. The word ‘Potential’ in its truest sense means Power, something inherent and intrinsic to everyone. True Authentic Power (TAP) IS Potential. Potential IS Power. Potential is All yours to explore.

Resonance and Revelations

Science itself has been defined as “the state of knowing: knowledge as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding.” Consider the possibility that much of what has been proven in so-called science may have misunderstanding at its root. A false premise proven true is still false at some level. Perhaps the true–false dichotomy is where science has gone awry? Perhaps true or false in science is more a matter of hidden or revealed? Perhaps true or false is more a function of resonance and revelations?

Our revelations may bring us to a new level of awareness, an understanding not as knowledge but as wisdom. Truth in science based on knowledge is only ever partly true. What is dismissed as false may simply be that which is not yet resonant in awareness, recognized, evident, and/or experienced. What may appear false from one vantage point may indeed be something entirely true from a different angle, perspective, or experience of consciousness.

Excerpted from ‘Little Book of Big Potentials’ by Melissa Joy Jonsson. Book available in Print and Kindle on July 16, 2015. Preorder your Kindle version now!

Seeds for Germination~

True Authentic Desires (TADs) well up from the field of the heart. TADs are uncultivated seeds of potential awaiting expression. When TADs are witnessed from within the self, there is a knowingness that transcends understanding. The familiarity of the TAD brings forth a sense of joy and pleasure (play-sure) in the moment the seed is initially recognized. The joy and play-sure that surround this seed are catalysts for germination, functioning like the soil, water, and sunshine that nurture seed development and growth, from implicate potential to fully blossomed expressions.

Our lives are the fertile soil, and the desire blooms within us through the power of our intention or seed-thoughts coupled with the fire of the field of the heart. All seeds contain the hologram of completion. In the gestation process, intention activates the seed of True Authentic Desire directly from the heart.

Excerpted and Adapted from ‘Little Book of Big Potentials’ by Melissa Joy, available everywhere July 16, 2015.

Freedom to Live and Love Now~

If–Then–Never Now Living: Many of us are addicted to If–Then–Never Now Living, a program of contingencies. Our joy, peace, and happiness are incessantly shunted to some moving-target future date based on the parameters of If–Then. Our happiness is contingent upon what may come, not what IS happening.

“If I meet a lover, then I will be happy.” “If I get a promotion, then I will take vacation.” “If I lose 10 pounds, then I will feel good about myself.” “If I just save this much money, then I will feel financially secure.” “If I could only . . . , then . . .” If–Then is an addictive pattern that cycles us away from what is inherently available now.

If–Then living puts all programs of love and joy on pause in the Neverland of our love holograms and connects us to delayed broadcasts that never arrive. If–Then living is not living at all. If–Then living is a pause for because.

We don’t need cause for the joy of being. We do not need reason for peace. And when we find our joy and peace, our happiness will find us too. Get addicted to Now and freedom takes on a whole new meaning in our love hologram.

~ Melissa Joy, excerpted and adapted from ‘Little Book of Big Potentials’ available in the now of mid-July.