On Being Hopen-Hearted:
Consider that holding a heart-centered loving template of hope for what is possible is always useful. Hope avails us to the openings where possibilities can be realized.

I call this being Hopen-Hearted. Open to Hope. Hope opens us to the space where what is possible becomes probable, and what is probable can actualize. Love IS being Hopen-Hearted.

In Gratitude

To discover the authentic Joy Of Being wholly and completely You, perfectly-imperfect, is to activate and express your unique creative limitless potential in the love hologram. The 24 holo-fractal fields of grace support resonance with this recognition of True Authentic Self (TAS) in every moment and movement.
Thank you to all the incredible women who shared in the empowering heart-centered ‘M-Joy’ seminar this weekend in San Diego. The strength of these amazing specialized M-Joy fields continues to grow. It is an honor to share the evolving information that supports the collective remembering of truth as unity expressing through different forms.

Our embodiment of the sacred feminine essence is integration and inclusion, reflecting completion. You are complete. Go forth knowing you have all the power and potential needed to create and manifest True Authentic Desires. Go forth knowing how to signal, activate, and command field flow. Go forth knowing the science of love as the scenic route to truth. Go forth knowing you are love. In-Joy!