Reality is Not Really an Illusion ~

A popular meme circulating through the collective consciousness is that reality is an illusion. Is this true? Is reality an illusion? Well, this meme is perhaps true AND not true simultaneously. Reality and the illusion of reality are both true and not true when we realize the universe may be a hologram. Reality is both virtual and actual. The meme “reality is an illusion” may simply be an invitation for us to realize that what we perceive at one level may not be all there is. More importantly, what we can conceive of may be created and actualized when we understand the holographic principles at play.

Excerpted from the “Little Book of Big Potentials” coming to your heart-mind very soon. ~Melissa Joy

On Movement~

Consciousness is a joyful experience of actualizing desires to move as an expression of flow. Consciousness for the body is activity and exercise. Recreation is the ability to renew and create. Our creative life force depends on movement of the physical body. Move because it brings you joy!

Relationships: Co-Creation, Unification, and Ripples In The Pond

Thank you WakeUp-World for publishing “Relationships: Co-Creation, Unification, and Ripples In The Pond’ today, excerpted and adapted from ‘M-Joy Practically Speaking’…

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In-Joy! ~Melissa Joy

“All relationships carry with them an inherent desire to remain in a state of love. As love itself is boundless, free, and is always moving and flowing, containing a state of love within the fixed boundaries of a relationship can lead to feelings of restriction and dissatisfaction, rather than growth and satiation. More important, when we look to others as the source for the love we desire, we are forever seeking an elusive state. Seeking love from others to fulfill us, or to fully fill us, will likely leave us feeling empty.

When we stop looking outside ourselves for the level of love we desire and instead realize that we are a source of love, than we can shift how we show up, and then, inevitably, everything shifts around us. When we look to ourselves for the fulfillment of love, we quite naturally attract circumstances that reflect similar states of being. In turn, our relationships become more fulfilling, as they become an extension of that which is already full and whole in us. There is a freedom and an expansion found in loving self that allows for more love to flow to us and through us from all directions. This love is within us and is realized all around us. When we let love out and we let love in, the ripple effect expands exponentially through reciprocal waves of grace. When we let love in and let love out, we flow with grace, in an eternal, rhythmic dance of joy.”

Let Love Be from a Distance~

People sometimes make choices that may lie beyond our level of understanding. As a result, we may find value in choosing to love them from a distance. By creating space between their particular patterned choices and our personal perspective reality, there is breathing room to let it all be.
Letting it all be lets the love be as well. Love is boundless and knows no distance; the separation in space through time may be the very vector for meeting love as it IS on common ground.

Love is Available

Today, put aside your anger, indignation, resentment, jealousy, frustration, betrayal, and fear; put aside anything that separates you from love AND the ones you love.

For today, see that no matter what drama is unfolding, beneath the perpetual distractions and confusion, there is always connection; there is always love.

Let love be your resonant vibration for today. And if you choose…love is available tomorrow, too. Just choose.

Synthesis and Integration~

Synthesis is the full recognition and embodiment that spirituality is practicality. Integration of all aspects of consciousness creates a powerful trajectory for transcending the perceived limitations of duality and accessing our full inherent potential.


From the boundless state to the fully formed, from illusion to reality, from wave to particle, it is the embracing of the seemingly disparate polarities and the integration of it ALL that propels us forward with a momentum that is unstoppable. Integration is power. Integration is connection. Integration is completion. Integration is everything!

Recognition is reclamation~

We are never stuck and we are never powerless. In truth, we do not really need to take our power back from a controlling society, or from relationships gone awry, or retrieve our power from a family that never nurtured us in a way that we felt we needed to be nurtured. Why? The reason is simply because we never gave our power away. True Authentic Power is inherent power which cannot be taken, lost, or destroyed. 

When in situations where we felt powerless or stuck, we were simply in resonance with patterns of information, as placeholders reflecting back some aspect of our potentiality we had not yet recognized. Recognition is reclamation. Awareness is power.

All of the power that we ever thought we gave away is still available; all power is still inherently within us. Power rests in seeds of our inherent potential waiting to grow and blossom. All seeds of potential are readily available to us through the universal field of the heart. 

~Melissa Joy, adapted and excerpted from ‘Little Book Of Big Potentials’ publishing on a sunny day this summer.

Field of the Heart

The field of the heart is where our eternal soul meets the boundaries of our body; where infinite potential merges with finite expression. The field of the heart vectors to a pinpoint for truth where together we may dance with the universe, individually balanced by grace.


“Trust in the universe” we may be told. Yet, it is not enough to only trust in the universe. We must be able to trust in one another, as a reflection of trust in ourselves. For without trust of self or others, there is no connection, community, or collaboration. Without trust, there is no WE experience, the culmination of that which is completion.

Trust begins from within. Trust self. In trust of self, we form a coherent and congruent relationship to our personal universe in which we ourselves become trustworthy; the value of that connection to self ripples into all that we create, relate to, and encounter in our shared hologram. When we trust self we are also able to easily discern trustworthiness in others. Choice with discernment is a natural expression of self-trust. Trust IS connection. Trust IS love. Trust in the You-niverse. In Self We Trust.