Stop expecting reciprocal friendship from a person immersed in their addictions. This is akin to expecting the addictions to love us back. Sometimes we need to know when to hold our friends accountable, and when to walk away to love them from afar. Love people – not their addictions. Love yourself enough to say No More.

Light of Integrity

Light of Integrity~

If you proclaim to be a healer or light-worker, please don’t diss on other healers or light-workers to get ahead in your practice, fill workshops, or sell books.

Refrain from claiming that you see more or know more than most healers on the planet. In truth, no one really knows the experience of anyone else. Thus, you do not definitively know what another sees or knows. All you can accurately claim is your own perspective, based on your own limited experience.

Insecure clamor will not yield admiration and glamour. Stand in the strength of what you offer without knocking down others. Shine your light without deliberately casting shadows on those who may radiate differently…and your work will grow.

Move beyond comparison and competition to the heart of compassion. Embody knowing that you are enough. Yes, you are enough. Let your brilliance guide others based upon its own merits. See, know, and trust that the path of integrity will always light the way to recognition of love’s completion.


M-Joy Of Being (Women) Seminar Participant Feedback

M-Joy Of Being (Women)

Seminar Participant Feedback September 2016


“Being able to hear myself and feel compassion for all the times I felt abandoned by others and in turn, abandoned myself. Every M-Joy seminar brings more awareness of myself, and my true nature. Each time I attend I find more grace and space for love. This seminar helps me feel like an adventurer instead of a lost soul.” ~ Krista Sassani


“The highlight of the seminar was the equal participation. The sharing was rich, authentic, and super helpful. I feel my heart is now open and aligned with my True Authentic Self.” ~Dori Cataldo


“ALL of it. Everyone present. Melissa. The Fields. The possibilities. This seminar impacts my personal And professional life in EVERY WAY!!!


“Processing with women. Learning the Fields. I learned how quickly I can move through Placeholders with Fields.” ~ Kristin Cavanaugh


The highlight of the seminar? I am not sure I can pick just one. Women only. Being able to speak freely and release things I never though about before. It was truly amazing to learn about the Fields and understanding the limitless potential of the universe and the hologram around us.”

~Kasia Bitner


“Seeing how strong the Fields work together without an active setting up for them to do it has brought me powerful peace. I also learned that my experiences with the Fields transcend linear time. I can see interactions with them in the past, present and future all at once.” ~Kay Sassani

M-Joy Integrative Calgary, Alberta Canada Seminar Participant Feedback

M-Joy Integrative Calgary, Alberta Canada

Seminar Participant Feedback


“This seminar opened our eyes wide. We never imagined the simplicity of it all.” ~Jacqueline and Teddy Bridgett

Cape Town, South Africa



“To gain permission to be All of me.” ~Fran Mah


“A highlight of the seminar was realizing there is this incredible gift of the 24 Fields to tap into, to assist with  living my truth in love. I now have incredible  tools to tap into, to help me move forward in life. And…I don’t need to feel powerless about helping other people with their difficulties.” ~ Pani Robinson


“Melissa’s love, compassion, and conviction. Thanks for seeing me.” ~Greg Easthouse 


“I am definitely more at peace, and have been able to look at life circumstances from other perspectives. I have discovered I can influence pain / well-being in all ways. I have also released alot and integrated new choices. I am ready for Joy!” ~ Sandra Weis


“I could see the geometries as Melissa was teaching. Enjoying Play. How will this seminar experience impact my life? I could write a book. Bringing Joy to everything.”

Linda Orr Easthouse


“The highlight was claiming myself. I learned that the level of empowerment that I can see…is mine. Huge impact in every way. I also gained a sense of the tremendous depth available in the fields, what feels like an infinite resource.” ~Paula Finnegan


“The people and all the experiences we shared together. I learned so much! Lots to do with my family and the different ways the fields present themselves at different times. I will be playing with these fields in my workplace and with myself in regards to work.” ~Jaida Scarlett


“Being There. This work will be a part of my life.” ~ Sue Marlatt



“Seeing/ feeling and feeling free to speak my truth. Easily manifesting the fields and seeing more than I imagined I would. This seminar experience will impact both my professionals and personal life as feeling the soft-flexible strength in my life will make it much easier to help others.” ~Alma Johnston


“Joy and the easy download. This seminar impacts every aspect of my life.” ~ JoAnne Horvak


M-Joy Integrative (Reno, Nevada) Seminar Participant Feedback

M-Joy Integrative (Reno, Nevada)

Seminar Participant Feedback August 2016


“I learned that these Fields affect physical conditions. I thought they were more about emotional conditions. A highlight of this seminar was realizing that I feel differently about an issue just by connecting to Field101 and looking at it from there.” ~Carol Chiang


“Being in Reno with Melissa Joy is the highlight of the seminar for me. I learned that I am awesome! This is mind-boggling for me. This seminar truly changes my experience of myself and my life.” ~Jerry Thompson


“The highlight of this seminar was being present.” ~ Dennis Fitzpatrick


“Playtime after explanation. Interesting and exciting information. Everything. It’s all new to me however it feels right and correct to me. Trust.” ~ Debra Schuster


“Too many highlights! Practicing with Field 102 and breaking pattern up into separate placeholders. Field 120 AND eliminating the word ‘but’ from my vocabulary at work.” ~Tom Dvorak


“A highlight was working with the other group members in practice sessions. I will use these energies for self-healing and living my life to its fullest.” ~Donna Satterfield

“My access to freedom has increased.”  ~ Richard Garcia

New M-Joy Publication ~ Freedom From Addictions

“To see the beauty and clarity of a person emerging from the confusion of addiction is to witness grace in action.

All addictions are placeholders in awareness that represent an attempt to find True Authentic Self and simultaneously avoid it. The placeholder that the addiction pattern represents serves as a habituated strategy to avoid recognizing self as an infinitely whole, perfect, and limitless being that is having an experience of limitation.

The pattern as placeholder serves as a habituated strategy to look for fulfillment and acceptance of True Authentic Self in something outside of self that is inherently and incessantly empty. In this recognition, there is freedom to recondition awareness and embrace integrity. There is freedom to move from dis-ease to flow in total acceptance, and to choose anew.”

~Melissa Joy


San Diego Participant Feedback June 2016

What People Are Saying…

Participant Feedback M-Joy Integrative Seminar (San Diego June 2016) 

The brilliant articulation of field dynamics and awesome waves of transformation encoded in Melissa’s words.” -Jeffrey Najarian


I loved experiencing the different fields from the heart and being able to flow through them with comfort.” -Emily Steffen


A highlight of the seminar was personal attention from Melissa as well as interacting with other attendees. I learned I can access multi-dimensions of myself and others in the hologram.” -David Bir

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San Diego Participant Feedback

GRACE is Love Dancing with All Possibilities…

Grace. The expression of the unconditional love that is universal consciousness. Grace is love, dancing with all possibilities equally. Grace is the spinning of the torsion fields that form matter, reality, and experience. Grace is consciousness experiencing itself in the moment as flow. Grace is available to all of us regardless of whom we are, what we know, what we have experienced, or what we feel worthy of receiving. Grace is a freely available currency of potential that reconfigures us in every moment. Grace blankets us unconditionally, as a permeating thread woven into the fabric of love inherent in everything. Grace heals, transforms, transmutes, and transcends all circumstances. Grace is ever present and abundantly available to us all. Grace is the calm-unity in community.