New Publication ~ The Chemistry of Addiction and the Gateway to Freedom

M-Joy article excerpted from  The Integrity Effect has been published today. Thanks Wakeup-World for being awesome!

Addicted to Love 

“We are hard-wired for love. Our bodies crave love as much as oxygen and water. Many people do not realize that the neurochemistry produced through love is the same neurochemistry produced by the brain while engaging in addictive behaviors. Thus addiction may breed easily in a person starving for love. Love and addiction have the same initial chemical impact on the body–mind connection.”

“Passion and Purpose” Holistic Cruise

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Heart of All Matters

Consciousness is physics and physics is consciousness. Most of society, and women in particular, have been programmed to think physics (and science) is hard to comprehend. What if this belief is simply a side effect of cultural conditioning (and prescriptioning) designed to keep people disempowered?

The Physics of Consciousness is easy, when we realize that physics (and metaphysics ) is simply organized flow; from infinite potential…to infinite distinctions and infinite expressions.

The Physics of Consciousness is the exact same physics that the universe utilizes to create everything. This is the physics of Love as torsion, light, and information; this is the physics of heart-centered awareness. This is the physics of us.

To this effect, I am not willing to dumb down my teachings so some people can continue to feign incapability. I will continue to teach to the heart of all matters.

The heart’s innate intelligence knows what the limited mind has forgotten. We are all capable of so much more than we may have previously imagined.

Listen from the heart. The heart naturally knows the Physics of Consciousness. The heart transcends the perceptual filters that may prevent us from remembering this wisdom.

The heart says “Off with the blurry goggles!” See clearly now the Physics of Love is the phi-cycle of all physical life.



M-Joy Of Being (Women) Seminar Participant Feedback ~ Philadelphia April 2017

“Playing with holograms. Changing my blueprint.” –Ewa Gac

“The overall coherence and completeness of the information. Every seminar I get a little more that makes sense and integrates. I always meet amazing people and get tools that make life even more enjoyable.” -S. McClurken

“The whole seminar. The Fields are the fastest road to Joy that I have encountered. It is like taking the Interstate.” –Allison Moore

“Instantaneously moving energetic stuck patterns that I have been “working” on. It seems the Fields were moving faster and encoding in a deeper more solid way.” –Eileen Knott

“Self-love is no longer a struggle, and that impacts everything.” -Kay Sassani

“The whole seminar was a highlight for me. Being in a group of amazing women and connecting to the fields.” –Jennifer Colangelo

“Playing and exploring each Field with flexible guidance. Applicable combination of Fields with personal experiences.” –Julie Dean

“I learned that I can change my blueprint. A highlight was the ease and rapid results. Melissa and her level of authenticity, raw-beingness and clarity.” -K. McVicker

“There were so many highlights of the seminar. Fields seemed more accessible. The way Melissa described being in the heart; the exercise she taught between distinguishing being in heart or out of heart. I felt incredible resonance with this group/ the dialog and feedback.” –Jennifer Feingold

“Creative expression flow. “ -Jill Collins

”I am enough. I am awesome, no matter what outer circumstances say. I knew that but it was put to the test.” -Laurie Encinosa

“Every seminar changes my life. All aspects. This one brings another level of awareness. Another opening for choice.” -Krista Sassani

“I needed to hear the information about new blueprints and intergalactic relationships. Thank you! Gratitude Splashes for you!” –Loretta Walker

Another M-Joy Publication!

Thank you Wake-Up World for publishing this M-Joy article “Empathy and the WE Experience” from my newest book ‘The Integrity Effect’  In-Joy!

“Living from the field of the heart gives us direct access to our innate potential and also provides direct access to our emotional intelligence. Heart-centered awareness does not override emotions. Heart-centered awareness includes emotions and enables us to live fully in integrity as our True Authentic Self.

Consider that some of what you may be feeling at times isn’t even you but comprises the feelings of other people you know. In addition, some of what you may often feel are the emotional/thought fields of the collective WE. None of these emotions are who we are, or who you are. Rather, these emotions are transient experiences we may be having or that may be having us. Indeed, these emotions can send confusing signals, obscuring us from the truth of our core essence as love, often clouding our perceptions and experiences of self, others, and all that we relate to in our lives.

Living as our True Authentic Self in a personal undivided house of consciousness opens us to living cohesively with others in the WE experience. Being able to discern our True Authentic Self, our thoughts and feelings from the thoughts and feelings of others, including the collective, is what empowers us to embody the Integrity Effect in the WE experience.”

New M-Joy Event in Ibiza, Spain

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Another M-Joy Book Publishes in German Translation.

To all my German-speaking Friends, Students, and Readers~

I am delighted to announce that my third book ‘Practical Play the Heart-Centered Way’ has officially released today in Deutsch translation! Herzzentriert leben: In Resonanz mit den 24 Bewusstseinsfeldern (Heart-centered Life: In Resonance with 24 Fields of Consciousness)

The Love-sphere has gone global in the written medium. Looking forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming M-Joy Integrative Seminar in Germany May 12-14, 2017.

In-Joy! Link to Order German Edition Below.

To purchase: Herzzentriert leben: In Resonanz mit den 24 Bewusstseinsfeldern