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If you missed the M-Joy  live broadcast on The Dr. Pat Show Tuesday May 15th, here is the link to download or listen to the recording. 

We talked about what gets in our way, the Ricochet Effect, soul betrayal, heart-centered Integrity and Karaoke to great 80’s music.  Tune in Now or Anytime:

A delightful show to discover new morsels from my latest practical book The Art of Limitless Living. #artoflimitlessliving

Art of Limitless Living in Real Tme

Today marks one month into a six-month journey around the world. I remember the exact day I began planning this tour. It was a dare to myself create the path and then follow it.

Honestly, I have moments where I freak out and wish I was home (or that some of home were here). Then there are the times when I would not want to be anywhere but here, when the path presents itself in the moment to walk where I have never gone before.

When I drop into my heart, I find myself always home. Here is an excerpt from The Art of Limitless Living when I was planning this trip. I suppose putting the desire into publication was my way of calling my own bluff. Live the principles of the work and work to principally play. The Art of Limitless Living ~one heart-print at a time.

“I love to teach physics to explain transformation. But change isn’t rocket science. If we want to experience change, we must make different choices. If we want complete change, we choose from the heart and allow the mind to follow.

Heart–mind synthesis is a tango with the universe, establishing a rhythmic flow with the unified heart of completion and then making deliberate choices that align with new heart-prints.

Practical Play: Heart–Mind Synthesis
Grab a pen and paper if you choose. Consider a situation, challenge, or opportunity in your life in which you currently face fear, confusion, uncertainty, and a sense of limitation. From the mind’s perspective, write down what occurs for you.

Here is my heart–mind synthesis process in real time:

Fact: I have a dream I would like to manifest as my reality. I would like to do a six-month around-the-world Art of Limitless Living seminar tour to expand the M-Joy teachings into new countries, combined with my love for travel.

Mind: This will require a lot of planning. Perhaps it is too much work.

Placeholder: A fear of actualizing the true authentic desire is cloaked in the so-called logical notion that this vision is too much effort.

Mind: I will need to rent out my home while away to help offset my expenses. This will be a major ordeal, so maybe I should not go.

Placeholder: Fear of lack of abundance is cloaked in justified inconvenience.

Mind: World events are making international travel more challenging. What if the border closes? Travel is a hassle. It is safer to stay home.

Placeholder: Fear of following through on this dream, cloaked in flawed logic of “travel is risky,” even though staying home really is no safer.

Mind: What if someone I love dies while I am away and I am halfway across the world? Better to wait until a later date.

Placeholder: Fear of living cloaked in fear of death.

Heart: Seriously, mind, please quiet this noise. Thank you for trying to protect me, but you may as well bring out my own coffin now and bury me in it with all these fear-based limiting thoughts. Trust this true authentic desire that is welling up from the field of the heart. Allow for heart–mind
synthesis to support the manifestation of this creative endeavor.

Mind: Don’t be so sure. Anything can go wrong.

Heart: I am certain that all may go well too. If you do not mind, we will leverage your laser-like focus to calibrate where to go, what to do, and how to play in all matters, not from a space of fear but from a space of grace and intuitive discernment.

Heart–Mind Synthesis: Synergy. Yes we can work together to make congruent choices aligned with the coherence of the heart. We can do our research to choose our countries wisely, secure our venues, hire a realtor in advance to rent out our home, purchase discounted airfare, and figure out
how to pack for several seasons of travel. With proper lead time and active promotion, the events will fill with students who resonate with the heart of our teachings. This will be a wholehearted travel adventure; the art of limitless

Have Joy, will travel.”

The Art of Limitless Living, available now in Print and Kindle worldwide.

Coming soon on AudioBook via iTunes and Audible.


London M-Joy ‘Art of Limitless Living’ April 21-22, 2018

The M-Joy™ Teachings~

Heart-centered Holographic System and Language of transformation designed to offer joy, fulfillment, authenticity, integrity, intuition, and True Authentic Power in all facets of life. Based on powerful physics and scientific principles, the M-Joy™ Integrative System and Language of Specialized Fields can provide individuals (and the collective) powerful key codes to unlock stuck patterns that may be presenting as problems, challenges, and conditions. Beneficial change can be instantaneous, or occur through process over a continuum of time. Curiosity and a willingness to play are all that is required to create the opportunity to derive tremendous benefit from the M-Joy™ System.

M-Joy Evolution

Have iPhone will Publish.


M-Joy Evolution~

My first book was written in 2013 (download style) in four days while on solo vacation, entirely on my iPhone. I didn’t know the book was going to happen, so I didn’t have the “proper” computer tools with me to write.

What I learned from this life-altering experience is A) There is no right or wrong way to write. B) Even if you don’t know what you are doing, what you are doing knows you. C) We don’t write books. Books write us. D) Anything is possible, no matter how small the keyboard, or how big the dream. E) What seems like an accident is often synchronicity. F) No matter how weird something may seem, if it is your gift/talent, then proclaim it.

I have now written four books entirely on my iPhone. The next publication comes your way April 16, 2018.

The Art of Limitless Living, brought to you by iPhone, M-Joy (and my awesome publisher Red Wheel).

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At Peace with the Mystics




At Peace with the Mystics~

“Universal consciousness includes everything and excludes nothing. It is my experience that everything comes from universal consciousness. Whether we are esoteric, scientific, united, or divided about what universal consciousness actually is, our approach to defining it appears to make little difference to universal consciousness itself. That which is everything and is impersonal in nature does not seem to care what we call it or how we describe it.

Consciousness itself does not come across as judgmental or discriminatory about beliefs, perspectives, opinions, or concepts—even if we sometimes are. As discussed in this book, universal consciousness includes everything.
Everything is universal consciousness experiencing itself. Therefore, universal consciousness is. . . . We are . . . I am . . . and you are All That Is. Om Tat Sat.”

Melissa Joy Jonsson, M-Joy Practically Speaking ©2013



Pointers- Piece of Peace


“The true nature of reality can be described many different ways: unconditional lightness, undisturbed peace, abiding contentment with what is, love for simply being, etc.

Notice that the descriptions are not describing an objective reality that can be philosophized and discussed by way of spiritual thought. It’s pointing to an unchanging felt-sense of reality.

In other words, it’s a daily living as a felt-sense constant within the aliveness of your being. It’s not something that can be simply understood through pointers because no pointer is describing the nature of how reality actually is but how reality is felt as a constant sense of ease despite how reality seems to be appearing.

Hence, pointers similar to: “there is no choice, no-self, everything is predestined” is not describing the true nature of reality. The true nature of reality is discovered by following those pointers to where they point and if grokked in the manner in which the sage is using that pointer then you will feel the nature of reality as undisturbed peace.

Thus, the pointer is dropped because it no longer makes any sense. You are feeling an undisturbed peace of being, so who cares how the nature of reality works when you know deep within your being that reality is simply a constant peace with what is. You see?

You no longer need to understand or describe the nature of how reality actually is because you’re are feeling exactly what is actually is without descriptions, without spiritual maps, without understanding anything about reality but simply feeling this one felt-sense tone that is unchanging.


Very seldom do any pointers bring the undisturbed peace that is mentioned because the mind wants to understand reality and have descriptions about how reality is, as if it’s an objective reality that has absolute descriptions. It’s not true that there is no-self. Who cares if there is a self or not when you’re truly feeling the aliveness of constant ease.

These pointers will no longer make any sense to you because the constant ease will be so dominant in your constant experience that you will not need to know or understand reality through descriptions because you’re feeling reality instead.

To know the true nature of reality is to simply know peace as what you constantly are. Truth is very simple when you see it clearly. Most don’t want to know the simple truth of reality, they want to be able to describe it, grab it, and be right about it. You can either be the peace that you are or keep being right by claiming that no-self is the actual reality of true nature.

I don’t care about how deep you have touched truth, if you don’t have constant peace then you have not yet grokked what the sage is pointing to. Stop being clever. Stop knowing your spiritual garbage and clinging so tightly to your spiritual experiences. Nobody cares about what you figured out. We all just want peace because we are wanting what we are and that means to be the peace that we are despite the situation at hand. Truth must be a felt-sense experience, otherwise it’s useless.

Sages are not speaking the truth, they are not describing the true nature of reality. You know the sage when you feel what the sage is and that felt-sense is always one of peace and ease of being.

The sage is peace and you feel it in their presence because that’s what you actually are, despite what you picked up along the way of your spiritual unfoldment. The sage is unimpressed by anything you say to them if what you’re saying is not backed by a present aliveness of peace. The sage feels what you are feeling and if it’s not peace then it’s not truth and thus you’re not being as you already and always are.

This is the only discernment the sage has. If a felt sense of peace is not radiating from the aliveness of your present being then it’s not truth. It’s as simple as that.” 

– Melissa Joy Jonsson,  sometime in 2013-2014.

M-Joy Integrative Seminar in Melbourne, Australia ~ August 25-26, 2018


“We already are what we wish to become.” ~Melissa Joy

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