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Compartmentalization (also compartmentalize or come-apart-mental-lies). Segregation and delineation of aspects of our awareness, producing a lack of integration, synchronization, harmony, and flow in our life. Compartmentalization of our spiritual journey occurs when anything we consider spiritual is siphoned off from other various facets of our experienced reality. Any delineation made between spiritual and practical—or between […]

Yin Yang You

Torsion (scalar) waves are Yin to electromagnetism’s Yang. ~ Simple enough? I do not claim to be a physicist…nor am I a “spiritual” teacher. I don’t over-intellectualize or fantasize how to heal that which is already whole. Being effective matters. Consider that the way the universe does one thing is the way all things unfold. […]

Why Heart-Centered Awareness?

Why Heart-Centered Awareness? “The field of the heart is a gateway to a consciousness of completion. The heart does not take things apart. The heart, like love, has no polarity or opposite. Living from the unified heart rather than from the polarized mind enables us to move beyond limiting gaps in awareness to a limitless […]

The Art of Limitless Living RTW Tour

Have Joy, Will Travel ~ Ticket Booked! After several months of planning, ‘The Art of Limitless Living Round the World M-Joy Seminar/ Book Tour’ is confirmed for April-September 2018. Additional event details coming soon: Philadelphia / England / Spain / Poland / Denver / Germany / Spain / Thailand / Singapore/ Australia / Indonesia / Ft. […]

Keepin It Real Interview with M-Joy

Keepin’ It Real.  This show was recorded during the  M-Joy “Hurricane Seminar’ (as students now call it)  taught in Seattle. Although I can feel the tension in my voice as my family was in the Eye of the storm at the time – Naples Florida, the show is worth sharing as there is lots of […]