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Addiction to Drama

Addiction to drama is false power created as a polarized reaction to feeling powerless. Drama drains our power no matter what role we may be playing back and forth, victim or perpetrator alike. All actors in the drama are directing life force away from the vortex of the heart into the push/pull linear dynamic of […]

Projections and Reflections Based on Connections

Everything is…Projections and Reflections Based on Connections~ “We may come to know ourselves through the reflections of others. When these reflections from others are not accurate, we can forget who we truly are. When these reflections are projections of distorted perceptions, we may encode information that does not match our limitless essence.” -Melissa Joy ‘Little […]


Stop expecting reciprocal friendship from a person immersed in their addictions. This is akin to expecting the addictions to love us back. Sometimes we need to know when to hold our friends accountable, and when to walk away to love them from afar. Love people – not their addictions. Love yourself enough to say No […]

Light of Integrity

Light of Integrity~ If you proclaim to be a healer or light-worker, please don’t diss on other healers or light-workers to get ahead in your practice, fill workshops, or sell books. Refrain from claiming that you see more or know more than most healers on the planet. In truth, no one really knows the experience […]

M-Joy Of Being (Women) Seminar Participant Feedback

M-Joy Of Being (Women) Seminar Participant Feedback September 2016   “Being able to hear myself and feel compassion for all the times I felt abandoned by others and in turn, abandoned myself. Every M-Joy seminar brings more awareness of myself, and my true nature. Each time I attend I find more grace and space for […]

M-Joy Integrative (Reno, Nevada) Seminar Participant Feedback

M-Joy Integrative (Reno, Nevada) Seminar Participant Feedback August 2016   “I learned that these Fields affect physical conditions. I thought they were more about emotional conditions. A highlight of this seminar was realizing that I feel differently about an issue just by connecting to Field101 and looking at it from there.” ~Carol Chiang   “Being […]

New M-Joy Publication ~ Freedom From Addictions

“To see the beauty and clarity of a person emerging from the confusion of addiction is to witness grace in action. All addictions are placeholders in awareness that represent an attempt to find True Authentic Self and simultaneously avoid it. The placeholder that the addiction pattern represents serves as a habituated strategy to avoid recognizing […]