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Philadelphia M-Joy (Women) Seminar: April 14-15, 2018 Video Invitation

Philadelphia M-Joy (Women) Seminar. This is an AMAZING time to be women. Come PLAY. Join Melissa Joy Jonsson in Philadelphia for the M-Joy (Women) Seminar April 14-15, 2018. Learn More About M-Joy at http://www.MJoyHeartField.com   Come join other amazing women as together we explore infinite potential, personal power, and everything in relation to…You! Deepen your […]

London Event April 21-22 Video Invitation

London Join Melissa Joy Jonsson in London for the M-Joy Integrative Seminar April 21-22, 2018. Learn More About M-Joy at http://www.MJoyHeartField.com   We already are what we wish to become. Integration is Key to this recognition. Activate True Authentic Power (TAP) from the field of the heart as a catalyst for interactive reality creation, manifestation, […]

The Physics of Field Flow Seminar Footage

The Physics of Field Flow. New video footage just posted today from a live M-Joy seminar. Attend an upcoming M-Joy seminar in San Francisco, San Diego (advanced), Philadelphia, London, and Spain. Subscribe to the M-Joy Channel for automatic notification of new seminar and webinar Free footage. https://youtu.be/jYKBTEZR0iA


Self-Compassion ~ A state of being that transcends the perceived need for comparison and competition with others. Through self-compassion, we are no longer driven to project our sense of lack onto others. End the self- betrayal and befriend the world.