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Another M-Joy Book Publishes in German Translation.

To all my German-speaking Friends, Students, and Readers~ I am delighted to announce that my third book ‘Practical Play the Heart-Centered Way’ has officially released today in Deutsch translation! Herzzentriert leben: In Resonanz mit den 24 Bewusstseinsfeldern (Heart-centered Life: In Resonance with 24 Fields of Consciousness) The Love-sphere has gone global in the written medium. […]

M-Joy Audio Interview- Tune into You: Extraordinary Living Aligned with the True Callings of the Heart with Melissa Joy.

Tune into You: Extraordinary Living Aligned with the True Callings of the Heart with Melissa Joy, on Keepin’ it Real with Janean Strong. Please tune into the inspiring and empowering dialog between M-Joy and Janean. We discuss the nature of reality, consciousness, healing, addictions, authenticity and keepin’ it real. Links Below: Podcast Website = http://www.realjanean.com […]

M-Joy Featured on Women For One as TruthTeller

DELIGHTED TO BE FEATURED THIS WEEK AS A TRUTHTELLER ON WOMEN FOR ONE. Discover the joy and power of the Integrity Effect, and experience authentic heart-centered personal PLAY that benefits the individual and collective alike. Listen now: http://womenforone.com/melissa-joy-jonsson/

‘The Integrity Effect’ – New Book Release!

The Integrity Effect by Melissa Joy Jonsson  “We Already Are What We Wish to Become.”   About the Book:   Discover how to PLAY the change game from the inside out, on your own heart-terms, so that the inner you matches the you without. Join inspiring, life-transformational leader Melissa Joy (M-Joy) as she journeys to the […]

Trust In Self

Sometimes we learn self-trust through the sting of betrayal. We may trust people who do not trust themselves -so of course they are not trustworthy. “Trust in the universe” we may be told. Yet, it is not enough to only trust in the universe. We must be able to trust in one another, as a […]

The Ricochet Effect

The Ricochet Effect~ It has been my experience that when entangling personal fields with others, if we do not establish boundaries of what we are willing to show up for (supported by Field 110), we experience the ricochet effect. The ricochet effect is defined as being a consequential out-loop of our willingness to show up […]

Addiction to Manipulation

Addiction to Manipulation~ An addict pretending to be clean creates more chaos through perpetual manipulation than the open user. Beware of the ricochets from manipulative addicts’ self-inflicted injuries, and steer clear of being collateral damage. Addiction plus manipulation times denial equals crash course in disaster. The antidote is the Integrity Effect.